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The Soil Bleeds Black - “Mirror of the Middle Ages”

By DJ Mortimer Steel

Mirror of the Middle AgesThe sixth full length album from The Soil Bleeds Black presents a combination of contemporary and traditional pieces representing the Middle Ages. This limited CD version features different artwork and a different track listing than the original advanced LP edition. Mirror of the Middle Ages is the latest offering from the multi-talented Riddick brothers, artists and creators of The Fossil Dungeon label.

Mirror of the Middle Ages is a mixture of finely-crafted original songs and Old World classics, including a version of Pastime With Good Company, an elegant rendition of the hallowed Veni, Veni, Emanuel and an avante garde version of Ring Around the Rosey. The music is focused around Medieval backdrops with traditional instruments authentic of the period, string instruments, flutes and percussion to lay the foundations for the sensual soprano vocals of Eugenia Wallace.

There are very few who can conjure up Medieval images such as this project can. Though not a lot of this music seems to be played these days, there are always those traditionalists who keep the fires burning. And with this lineup we can be glad it will burn for many years to come and live on long after we're all dead and buried.

This band will most certainly influence many to come in the years ahead. A ritualistic sound evoked by the use of instruments from a time period nearly lost make this one disc that will really take you to another level and will work very well in a dimly lit room. Some fine wine and some quality headphones make this a fantastic Old World interlude.

The mainstay of the music will remind those of bands like Hexentanz, Unto Ashes and Dead Can Dance yet hailed by this reviewer as probably the top act in this genre of music. The Soil Bleeds Black once again step it up and create a vision of musical wonderment. Standout tracks include So Saith the Song of Sigard, Solus Maestitia and Jubilation of Earthly Delights. A fine ode to Medieval times and renaissance periods and a must have for fans of Paganistic, Ritualistic and Old World darkness. Impressive musical prowess make this one of the best CDs TSBB have to date…much enjoyed.

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The Fossil Dungeon
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