CD Review

Suture Seven – “Suture Seven”

By DJ Mortimer Steel

Suture SevenSuture Seven a band name plastered on hundreds of elists, but very few radio show play lists…which I find odd. The promotional aspects of this band always amaze me. They really are into what they're doing. I've read posts about this band long before listening to them. The music they exude as an entity is not your standard gothic industrial affair. Members have been involved in music for many years and the influences of each band member blend together well in the mix of music they present to the world. From my point of view this band creates a great mix of what could be loosely dubbed as industrial rock with alternative influences.

Most of what radio seems to pump these days is the same old Funker Vogt and VnV Nation influenced bands, but as for me I think these guys would have went over better in the mid 90's to early 2000. Now don't let that statement sway you. There are a lot of very danceable tracks on here suitable for any club that plays guitar oriented industrial. Now lets look more into the music and see how cool Suture Seven really are.

I hit the play button and we start off with Apparatus of Demise with its hard rock sound that comes at you with processed vocals in that Filter / Butthole Surfers way. Classic distorted fuzztone guitar work with that Gravity Kills guitar twang sound. The more the song plays the beat starts to pick up a bit and then before you know it's over…a bit short considering the buildup time.

Fractured comes in at number three on this seventeen track CD. Starting off slow and brooding with some trip hop sounding drums, light guitar work and breathy vocals courtesy of Michael Zucker. A nice smooth track which includes some piano chops at times, then builds up a bit towards the end due to the emotion in the lyrics. Cold follows the main sound found here. Your typical industrial rock style. I like the drumbeat used in this song and the creepy guitar work is done well. It's a bit low on BPMs, but is one of the stronger tracks on the disc.

Suture SevenEchoed hits next. The old saying goes if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. So I won't. Resistance: the more I listen to this disc the CD reminds of some bands that appeared on the Spawn soundtrack. This song is slow a creepy dubwise trip hop track with a slight Massive Attack approach which is very nice and after the last two tracks leaves me to say there is some salvation here. Great track.

Wither is the last track listed on the cover and comes in with an industrial rock sound, wahwah infected guitar work and some piano and synth stabs. None of which seem to work well with each other. It sounds really thrown together and not well arranged.

The band has some ideas well and intact, but to me though it seems as if they are still trying to find a sound that compliments all the influences of music. There are some good tracks, some bad tracks, but not as bad as I've read in a couple of reviews. I think the band would be great to see live. I do see this band as one to keep an eye on…once they find their sound there's no telling where this project will go.

Contact Information:
Suture Seven
Post: PO Box 251, Hummelstown, PA, 17036-0251, USA
Phone: (717) 312-1347