CD Review

Aureate – “Metamorphasis”

By Ray Van Horn, Jr.

MetamorphosisEvery now and again a DIY project has the capacity to impress, regardless of a lack of distributor. Sometimes that's the rub; the aforementioned lack of external influences. Kenny Wright is the mastermind behind Aureate, an electronic ambience entity whose work ranges from sensual to energetic. Metamorphasis, his progeny, is an intriguing digital excursion that plays on different emotions.

The corporeal opening track The Foreshadowing does indeed have an omnipresent slinkiness, yet the slow luxuriance gives way to a heavy dance track that comes unexpectedly making the most of his base melody to dramatic effect. The funky bass of Tantric gives extra bounce to a song that already has groove. Wright's piano melody sounds unhinged and carefree within the opulence of his synths as he whispers sensuously within their textures. In some ways, Tantric reminds of Enigma as does Breathe, to certain latitudes, while the Gothic tinge of his synths on The Unmerging releases a buoyant melody into a drum and bass undercurrent that carries the track to driving satisfaction.

Seduction changes gears altogether, stymieing the project into a Cure-like coma; the track is uncannily Robert Smith-esque and it should almost ask forgiveness, yet for those who appreciate The Cure Seduction lends a certain reflective charm. On the other hand Chandeliers pounds out a six-minute-plus trance odyssey at home in any club or boardwalk specialty shop.

At this point the listener has gathered that Metamorphasis is full of mood swings, case evident on the snarling Impetus which gives Kenny Wright's basic fugue melody an angrier stamp. Afterwards, Nothing slows things back down, again embracing a Disintegration-era Cure philosophy while Wright muses about his confused sentiments, appropriate enough. For his Cure liftery, Wright at least makes the most of it; it doesn't feel like theft as it does tribute.

Redemption is a rather gifted piece, reserved in its tone for part of the journey. A song that captivates through closed eyes as the piano grabs the senses then invigorates them as the song builds towards an expressive climax. Finally, the near-20-minute title track is a journey unto itself; one worth following all the way with its time signature changes, including a rather boss calypso segment. Even as the track quiets down, Wright incorporates more Enigma theory towards the piece's end, appropriate for the morphing muse he embodies.

It goes to show the potential of creativity that isn't controlled or interfered with. While Kenny Wright might have a tougher time reaching his audience through his self-marketing, the satisfaction he derives from his compositions undoubtedly compensates.

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