CD Review

Avaritia – "Pulse"

By May Wiseman

PulseIf your familiar with Passion Play, then you know whom Matthias Dopp is; the bass player for their band. He's come together with Dorit Karstedt to do this project which makes Avaritia’s Pulse album the debut of the two German rockers. Dorit is the vocalist in all the songs, and Dopp performs the music. All of which use a drum machine, to warn those who are weary of the artificial vibe you sometimes get through poorly mixed music. Not really one to guarantee anything I say, but I'll tell you that this work sounds much more professional than most anything I've heard from manufactured sound. Not authentic by any means, but certainly better.

The material they have together is impressive in sound. The tunes are busy, without much break for solo work. The lyrics are colorful at times, with Dorit sounding similar to a younger and glammed out Debbie Harry or Margo Timmons. Since the sound is polished, the raw quality you hear from some glam punk bands is lost but you'll still be aware of listening to a Gothic album.

The psychedelic wave on Strangers is big. The song would sound dull and like the others without it, however, this is the track that turned out to be the best listen on the Pulse CD. The material is not dated; it's fresh with technology and busy yet again. The vocals never seem to stop. Once Dorit gets to singing she sings until the song is over. The heavy bass lines that intro Days Like This are full and fill the gaps while the music plays and Dorit sings again for us. Something noticed: you'll not be aware of overlaid sound on this album. Since this is a duo, most of us expect to hear chops and breaks where t he mix was rough, but these are not as noticeable. It's no White Stripes people, but you get my drift.

AvaritiaThe hefty guitar riff on And Here They Are Again knock you out of your headphones. The music sounds fresh for a punk rock moment. It's not the same thing everything else is doing here, or in Germany, or anywhere in the UK. This guitar work is something more similar to what you would have heard back in the eighties with the cock rockers – blazing like that, in all it's glory, and non- stopping. It's better than any guitar work I've heard on the rock stations lately and even the underground stuff that comes this way.

Proving they have two sides of play, Summers Gone is an acoustic tune! Seriously, the tune is pleasant, with subtle electric guitar, slight percussion and beautiful melodies that blend nicely with Dorit’s unstrained voice. A dandy tune you can play every day in the autumn with pleasant summer memories.

These two are certainly onto something that I damn sure hope they don't stop and call an experiment. This was only a seven-track disc and it would be nice to hear more. They apparently do some live show with bassist Zwigg and it would be nice to see them come across the pond to teach these kids something. Oh, I tried to buy this for a friend of mine, and the disc was up to $25. That's a bit of change for an underground band. Maybe it was mostly shipping

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