CD Review

The Endless - "….And I'm the Queen of the Moon"

By May Wiseman

...And I'm the Queen of the MoonThe band, David and Adriana Ro'ze, are a husband/wife duo. They make this great album with Goth pop songs. The songs all have electric piano overlays and jarringly silky soft vocals. On the first queue-up, the music was pleasant enough, and all seemed well. By the third or fourth listen though, where this disc would not seem to vacate the home player – I was beginning to have visuals of these two bitching at one another from lack of alone time. Though, surely it wasn't years, the album’s sound quality appears to have taken forever to polish up.

The tune Lee Miller is where the hook began for me. The lyrics are incredibly personal for the writer it seems, and the music quite fits the card once again so anyone would be hooked into five or six good listens. Where Silent leaves off this song picks up. It's almost like these two put everything out there – the persons they are, their entire being, when they made this album. Some of the songs appear that personal. Naked indeed.

Setting Sun will pull you into the sound immediately for the music quality alone. The song is calm and lyrics simple, which by standards is the way to start on any good album as long as the climax is provided. Collide is where things get real Gothic, real quick, and starts picking up. Such great guitar work is used on this song. David uses subtle background riffs for the vocals and really builds the chord progressions toward the song’s end. It's very appropriate for the songs title since all the sounds collide nicely with Adriana’s vocals. Something noticed: David lets his wife's voice be heard, never drowning it out with unnecessary sound or too much power when she breaks her voice. He always waits to add blaze in the songs break, or toward the end.

The variation of sounds shows up mid way in Credible, where an accordion intro's into decent guitar work. The lyrics where the chorus begins, "I pulled my skin away to show you, I pulled my heart away to show you, I pulled my pride away to show you, and who are you accountable to?" An interesting way to say things, though I was a little spooked out at first since before this break in the song there was mention of blood splatter.

There's a real dark side to these lyrics, though most seem intelligent if not eccentric at times. The music is lighter throughout and the two make a nice pairing for an album. Too much listening could put you into the blue, but for light evening tunes you couldn't go wrong here. The clips you can download from CD Baby, and their own site will give you a decent idea of what you're getting into before a purchase.

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The Endless
Post: 1965 Rodney Dr. #106, Los Angeles, CA, 90027, USA
Phone: (323) 356-6258