CD Review

Live Not On Evil – “Next Time Nail it Shut”

By Marcus Pan

Next Time Nail it ShutThis will be the second CD I've received from garage punkers Live Not On Evil(1). The band retains it's hard-edged and rough-hewed sound in their latest offering, Next Time Nail it Shut, and the best comparison I can think of would be the heavier Bella Morte(2) sounds or a Cult of the Psychic Fetus(3) attitude with a bit more wall-of-sound musical style (the Fetus boys keeping their music somewhat simple). LNOE will smash their sounds together to create a very strong and sometimes dirty, un-tamed musical track.

Right from the start with Dead Eyes, LNOE tear into their tirade. Usually their music blends well together, strong and blaring, but occasionally the unpolished nature of it can get a little gritty and mish mashed. Dead Eyes, however, is more of the former with a strong showing from all members on an equal basis. Sometimes vocals can be lost in the mix a bit, as in the case of Shooting Stars, but with Live Not On Evil it's the aggressive and blaring music that you're typically here for.

The boys can bring it all together into a solid track, however, and even slow it down to a darker crawl. Ghost in the Woods is moody garage at its best – strong, powerful, but not relying on simple speed, infusing the atmosphere with a simpler brooding and nightmare. All is Vanity, however, picks up the pace and has become one of my favorites. Just a simple, no-nonsense straight up heavy guitar deathrock track.

Another of my favorites is a speedier tune called Never Say Die that you'll come across on the tenth slot on the album. It's got a flair of thrash about it with, again, a rather dirty and unpolished sound. It seems much of Next Time Nail it Shut was recorded in a live atmosphere, and from all indications on the CD the band must excel at playing out.

I wouldn't go all out and say Live Not on Evil are the best rock group in the world – but what they do provide is some good, old fashioned, unmarred by modern mixing garage death rock. So if you're missing the days when you got to hear what a band actually sounds like BEFORE you go to a concert, Next Time Nail it Shut is a good choice. If Cult of the Psychic Fetus went out and found another member or two and then took lots and lots of meth, they might sound something like this.

(1) Their previous, Lucky Stiff, was reviewed in Legends #128.
(2) We interviewed these guys recently in Legends #141.
(3) We interviewed them too, Legends #109 for details.
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Live Not On Evil
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