CD Review

Love Alien – “In the Waves”

By Dan Century

In the WavesAt one time New York City was synonymous with great rock music. So many excellent bands came from New York: Blondie, the Talking Heads, the Ramones, Television, the Velvet Underground, Patty Smith – and there’s been so many great rock venues as well: CBGBs, the Ritz (old and new), Don Hills, the Pyramid and Madison Square Garden. Considering New York’s rich rock history, the past decade has been very disappointing. I can only think of a handful of rock bands to come out of New York: the Strokes, the Clowns for Progress, Bad Wizard – a few good bands but nothing too exciting. But I want to believe – I want to believe that New York can produce great rock again, which is why I like Love Alien.

Love AlienLove Alien is Jill and Thomas Simon’s sonic baby: a tasty mix of fuzzy, funky, jammy and grungy guitars and Jill’s pure, angelic voice. Love Alien is nothing like the heavy metal, hard rock or abrasive punk I typically listen to, but that’s why I like it; for me, Love Alien is something totally new. To be honest, I didn’t think I would like this album. Most of the music I listen to is either impersonal or abrasive. The music on the album is so good and Jill’s voice is so pretty I had no choice but like it, and listen to it again and again.

As you may have assumed from their name, most of Love Alien’s songs are about love and/or outer space. Songs have titles like Moving in Space (Voyage), Galaxies and Love Alien Blues. The tone of the entire album is very positive. Even the song Little Girl, a song about a girl trying to survive in a wicked and greedy world, has a positive message. As any Star Trek fan will tell you: space has come to symbolize positivity and a hope for the future. Considering how messed up the world is right now, we need all the hope and positivity we can get.

If you need a positive and soulful change of pace from your hard rock or hip hop listening habits, give Love Alien a listen. You’ll find it mixes will with mellow grunge, Neil Young, Kate Bush, Phish and Tory Amos.

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