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By DJ Rivithead

ExpansionNamNamBulu, crushing dancefloors worldwide, have comprised a CD full of synthpop goodness. Expansion has shown the bands' maturity in sound and composition. It's funny when I first heard the band I wasn't really grabbed by their sound, but after a couple of listens can't do without them. Catchy rhythms, upbeat tempos and all the emotion one could expect from such an outing.

The CD is comprised of eleven tracks and each as good as the next. The signature sound of NNB is one that many bands will be influenced by years to come. It's a great treat to be able to review this disc, especially after reviewing so many noise CDs. With that being said we'll delve into Expansion.

Faces starts the disc off with the traditional dancefloor grooves this genre is so well known for. Stomping beats and delightful synth structures. Four on the floor bass with up-tempo synthpop similar to the Apoptygma boys, although I find NNB a lot more enjoyable than the APB outfit. Mind blowing production work on sound. Game comes in at number two on our journey into Expansion. The intro comes in nicely, leading you into another floor pounder. The CD, the more I listen to it, can only be described as Nilaihah's best release to date…possibly the best outfit on the label at this point. The game of life is what the content is describing in this track and it’s well written. I might add that Vasi has a way with words. The music is pretty and uplifting with a dark side that is somewhat covered by the glitz of dancefloor rhythms.

Zeit follows suit, sung in German and adding the ethnic diversity here. Flowing synthpop that may make other bands jealous of the boost of real perfection that only NNB can provide. Forgiving takes the sound to another level as :SITD: pays a visit to give the track a more aggressive edge vocally. I couldn't even picture Vasi doing the hard vocal approach but add :sitd: and a new sound emerges. A great collaboration with bubbly synth washes and pounding beats. Nice work guys!

Perspective comes in at number five. Almost starting off as if you were about to expect Funkervogt to come on, but NamNamBulu crashes through the front door with yet another electro masterpiece. Expansion includes one awesome track after another and this one no exception, keeping the beat fresh and jumping.

Coming in a little harder on the industrial tip on this one, Transcending adds a swap of synths perhaps, but has a more aggressive sound emanating from the speakers. Bumping up the BPMs, Faces (WHS Remix) keeps a solid backbeat and adds a little more lead synth in the mix.

The Forgiving (Transformation Remix) adds a little delay to the :SITD: vocals and sinks it a bit deeper into the mix. Although a great remix, the original is better in my opinion. A Memories (Club Remix) chimes in at number nine and keeps the beat pumping. Uptempo synthpop with elements of Tampa style breakbeat added to the mix giving it a sound capable of crossing subcultures in may genres. Surviving (Synth Amok Remix) – I’m not familiar with the original unfortunately, so we have to review this as the song at hand. The beat is solid, the content is emotional and heartfelt as only Vasi can conjure up. The elements of trance, breakbeat and synthpop make this band one of the top picks right now.

NamNamBulu have created another fine gem. Not one track should be skipped. My thanks to the label for sending Legends this CD and my apologies for not getting to the other NNB CD I was supposed to review before this one. It unfortunately got damaged in storage in my closet much to my dissatisfaction as I was so looking forward to listening to it and adding it to my collection along with this disc, so on that note "Sorry guys." This is synthpop at it's best. Grab ‘em while they last.

Contact Information:
Nilaihah Records Post: PO Box 82614, Columbus, OH, 43202-0614, USA
Phone: (614) 297-7009

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