By Marcus Pan

Heya kiddies! Fortunately I didn’t let things get TOO awry this month...even though I’ve bumped up the size of this issue in a frantic attempt at getting reviews caught up. Lots to read—lots of reviews. We’re starting to cut down the length of time between CD submissions and the impending review. I’ve been doing a lot of the writing myself lately, so it has been somewhat swift.

Next month we have feature interviews with Hungry Lucy and Interlace. There’ll be reviews of work by Leech Woman, The Ancient Gallery, Fektion Fekler, Fake and more—hopefully my writers who owe work can get on the ball and get the other ones done. There may be some staff changes coming.

I’ve written dozens of articles over the past month, so a lot of the bands/labels submitting can see their reviews in some cases within the week. That’s not something I can promise all the time, but I’m hoping to be able to promise a completed review within a month and a print run within two.

As we near Legends’ 150th issue, we’ll be offering the Legends Companion for those interested in our past 15+ years of work. Also, NYC area club goers can see me performing as the new bassist for goth-rock outfit Bitter Grace, so if you want to save a buck and hand me a CD just keep tabs on where we’re playing to do so (

Legends will also be putting together Legends Net.Radio over the net featuring a lot of the music we have or will be reviewing. A lot of things in the works around here, really…

So I’m going to move along and start putting together #148 for April. Hope you enjoyed this spectacularly long took a lot out of me. I hope to 148 done within a couple weeks, and 146 will be webbed shortly hereafter.

Talk to you later, kiddies!

Marcus Pan
March 9, 2005 @ 2035 EST