CD Review

Doomsday Virus - “Promo of Mass Destruction”

By Marcus Pan

Promo of Mass DestructionMy first impression of this limited edition CD from n.dru and m@rk is..."cute." Not only does it have a cutesy destructive-wanting logo (a bomb), but it has a cutesey industrial sounding name that calls upon imagery of both computers and death - both staples in the industrial electronic genre – but the players even have cute hack-speak names like m@rk and n.dru. And they capitalize on a buzzword of the times with their Promo of Mass Destruction limited release. They even did the "limited edition" part right. It's cute and they're probably l33t. If I were their parent I'd hang it on my refrigerator.

On the Promo of Mass Destruction are three tunes, so this will probably be a short review. I Still Burn opens with deep piano and clean faded guitars. Deep spoken word type vocals brash out their blasé lyrics as they wind electro-synth pop melodies behind their choruses. It's kind of cute in a 9 year old drawing of "My hous + fameely" sort of way.

Evil Has no Meaning tells us about the monster that has gone too far. The lyrics are cliché and bland and I hazard a guess that this is a musical attack on the Patriot Act and other freedom-relieving laws what with its reference of domestic spies and cocaine cowboys. Spliced together electro-bop with latter added...clean faded guitars again. Vocal style hasn't changed and, by now, becomes monotonous. Still cute, but getting a little annoying in the 10 year old "Why is the sky blue?" asked for the fifth time sort of way.

Fire in the Sky has similar meaning to the previous Evil Has no Meaning in that it discusses being held down and unable to "fly." I'm not quite sure how fire in a Texas sky fits, which at first made me randomly pick an Area 51 theme in my head (I know...Area 51 was New Mexico). By this point it's not as cute anymore, and very annoying in a having to drag your 11 year old sister to the teen dance sort of way.

Initially cute but quickly annoying, Doomsday Virus capitalize on as many clichés as possible in the hopes of achieving industrial fame. Please refer to Stephanie Goldman's The Young Person's Guide To Becoming An Industrial Star from Legends #100 to see how to be exactly like Doomsday Virus.

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