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Fiction 8 – "Forever Neverafter"

By May Wiseman

Forever NeverafterThis is Fiction 8's fourth album released and the first to be this shiny or smooth in quality. Their sound isn't Goth rock, or synthy; rather they've got this extreme pop beat to all their albums. It's somewhat dark with the baritone vocal of Michael Smith and the hollow back up vocal of Paisli. There's no way of really classifying this band in sounding like any other since the sound is too eclectic and there are so many Gothic industrial bands out there that have their own sound. Though not a personal favorite, it's an album that certainly has claimed its own sound and if you dig a rave you might like to dance along.

Most lyrics are pertaining to hurt of any nature. Mostly love or loss. And are always without hope. The intros on track one, Too Late, is pretty cool with its revved up engines and classic sound blurbs that pave the way for a seemingly smooth Crash. Both songs are the hook to this Fiction 8 album and will pretty much give you an idea of what the rest of the tunes sound like.

Around and Around is the favorite here. The song sounds like a flashback eighties teen movie soundtrack special. This is the tune you can play over and over everyday and just not tire of. It's dreamy and takes you back to Jon Cusak holding that big boom box over his head. I would have went down – jumped the window in fact, if he were to come to my house. It's right on cool, this song.

Stranger In my Skin has one of the smoothest beats for the album and is easily played or heard. The sound could be played in any company and just not noticed until the person started tapping/dancing along. The sound is not heavy and just enough pop to make you not want to puke. The bass is quiet, however known, and the drums are suspect to machine. That's the downside, but the live synths make up for any quality lost during the mix.

There isn't much to the album, but Fiction 8 is always fun. You will play this often on weekend nights, alone at home wishing you were anywhere else but there, or even while your gearing up for the night out. This album is certainly better than the previous Chaotica(1).

(1) Chaotica was reviewed in Legends #109.
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