By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanI’m hoping that 2005 will be a big year for this little magazine. With a ramped up production schedule that will bring us to a 90 day cycle, a more robust website that has recently gone live where you can order subscriptions, issues, advertising and more online and the continuing influx of CDs and books for review to help give us something to write about, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be..

While the past year had it’s ups, downs, skipped months and lots of changes, some of which I’ve been getting complaints about, we need to look forward to changing some things in order to survive. First off, all of the labels and bands that have promised advertising with us to help keep us alive and growing once the site goes live where they can do so...well, it’s live.

Secondly, the free copies that have been going out to all the bands and labels who have a review in an issue—that is being downsized due to the sheer fact that it costs us around $5 for each of those. And while that’s not a lot to YOU, specifically—we’ve been running as many as 15 or more reviews in each issue, so now we’re talking about not $5/month, but nearing $100 just to get full copies out to each of you. now you should have noticed you get the pages your review is in, tear sheets, and if you’d like the rest of the issue you can come and download it. That’s just the way it is with the increase in submissions. Sorry, but deal.

Also, I am very happy about the way the Off the Shelf column has picked up. Previously it was littered with old novels, pulp fictions, etc. But recently I’ve had new books to read, submitted by anyone from Harper Collins to ASI Publishing to the authors themselves, that allows me to turn the Off the Shelf column into something a lot more exciting. In actual new book review column as opposed to an old book review column. Say keep ‘em coming!

The News page at Legends Online is a good source of information for all of you wondering what’s going on, where your review is, where your book is, did it get here yet...etc. So check that out regularly, especially if you’re expecting confirmation of something you sent out or want to know where your review stands. While the larger updates (when an issue is posted online) goes out, I don’t send every little bit of thing that happens here. So swing by and check that out if you’re looking for something. And while your there, you can always buy me a beer!

So a new production schedule...tighter cost structure...and a solid producer behind us, 2005 should be a great year for us. I hope that you’ll all still be hanging with us when it’s done!

Marcus Pan
January 1, 2005 @ 2004 EST