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Hexentanz – “Nekrocrafte”

By Marcus Pan

NekrocrafteAs a concept album, Hexentanz is similar in vein to work that has been done by Nox Arcana(1), Joe Renzetti's Talking to the Dead(2) and Midnight Syndicate(3) who have done albums specifically to capture a story or a mood. Hexentanz, however, have taken the realm of story and mood-capturing to a new level – attempting to capture a complete Witches Sabbat.

Putting a thirty plus minute Sabbat to score with medieval instrumentation (of which this label is very well known for doing) and applying otherworldly sounds from outside the normal scope of being, Hexentanz's Nekrocrafte is a collaborative effort from the famous Soil Bleeds Black(4) and Psychonaut 75 and, expectantly enough, comes to us from the Riddick Brothers' label The Fossil Dungeon.

Nekrocrafte is certainly a distinguishably scary CD, bringing images that certainly represent the Sabbat they aim to capture in musical form. To what levels Hexentanz has gone to create this CD (possibly going so far as recording a real Sabbat in session) is unknown, but the realism of this CD is top notch. It certainly evokes a dark and foreboding mood which is welcome to anyone even remotely interested in Sabbats, the craft and could easily be used to fill your house with some distinguishing noise for the kiddies at Halloween.

Up until now, Joe's Talking to the Dead was the scariest album I've spun...and still spin. But the soundage of this album is indeed right up there with the fear factor, and certainly will tingle your spine and caress your inner demons. The knowledge of the deeper meaning behind this album only heightens the dramatic flair to greater levels of scariness. Overall you end up with a terrifying...yet satisfying...collaboration between these two dark music composition outfits.

The only problem with the album as a whole is the concept itself. Music is, after all, a medium of entertainment. And many people wouldn't find a recorded Witches Sabbat entertaining. Interesting? Sure, the first couple of times. But entertaining on the "Hey let's listen to some Hexentanz!" level? Not very likely. I do otherwise fully appreciate the idea behind Nekrocrafte fully. It's a finely made CD, following in the footsteps of all of The Fossil Dungeon's fine releases. It simply caters to very distinct tastes...but does so in an excellent manner.

(1) As I write this, Nox Arcana’s Darklore Manor is set to be reviewed in Legends #146 – but that hasn’t happened yet.
(2) Written up in Legends #96.
(3) Legends interviewed Midnight Syndicate in Legends #108 and reviewed their latest release, the D&D Roleplaying Soundtrack, in #140.
(4) Their Quintessence release was reviewed in Legends #112.
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