CD Review

V/A – “Resurrection 2”

By Marcus Pan

Resurrection 2Resurrection 2 is one of those standard label releases – the "hey this is us" you get from labels trying to vie their way in, for this case, the elctro-industrial genre. WTII Records are the culprit this time and we'll see some exclusive work not found elsewhere from some up and comers as well as a couple of trenched in outfits in this genre of music. appears, for example, with their first single in over two years. And some folks you've seen Legends review full lengths of contributed as well. So let's do our various artists track by track review...

1) HMB with The Metro
Right off the bat I'm angry. Yet another cover of The Metro, this time courtesy of HMB. You know what? It matters not to me whether this track is any good. It matters not whether HMB are impressive as a whole. It only matters that I'm tired of hearing this fucking song and it's time to move to a new official industrial cover that isn't The Metro or You Spin Me Round.

2) with Aperture (Slither Mix)
Aperture (Slither Mix) is the first new track from since 2002. A recent written review of mine(1) discussed a track remixed by c.r.b's Clint Sand where he "mixes it up into a techno stomp groove." Here with Aperture, display why they are renowned in the genre, with the futurism, heavy rock out rhythms, and skillfuly applied keyboards with the sparingly added metallic vocals (Anyone remember the Commodore 64's SAM program?). Already a highlight for Resurrection 2 and only two tracks into the compilation.

3) Stromkern with Night Riders [Part III b00l3 mix]
Whether or not "b00l3" refers to electro vampire outfit Boole(2) is unknown, but it most certainly could be my favorite vamp-mixers. Fast paced lyrics combined with non stop rhythmic pulsations with top tier breakdowns and kick-ass changeups. If your ass don't move, you're probably dead. Pushing the very edge of funk weirdness, Night Riders is an enjoyable ditty.

4) La Floa Maldita with Secrets and Dreams
Opening up with a bit of grounded floaty melodies, Secrets and Dreams moves into a well made, if a little bit stock-available, groove. Nothing spectacularly exciting and the chorus parts, as pretty as the lady's voice(s) are, slow the track down from its speedier stanza sections. It gets a little bit poppy-technoish around here as well...but that's the stock lines they are using I would guess.

5) State of the Union with Makina Mata
State of the Union recently gifted me with a pair of their full lengths(3) and here they appear with the rest of the WTII crew. This outfit has an SMP(4) attitude and sound style, with a deeper and more grounded movement than the previous track. Vocals are growled and low-tone adding a low end fullness to the song. High-octave melodies are sparingly used and hide behind the heavier low octave movements.

6) Trigger10d with You Complicate Things [Look the Other Way]
You Complicate Things opens with rhythm and beat, a more drum 'n bass sound than the electronic work found elsewhere on here. Trigger10d, at least for this track, is female fronted and her vocals are sultry and low. Melodies besides the droning beat and bass tracks join in later, but don't seem to save the song from it's slow-paced, dragging movement.

7) Beborn Beton with Vorbel [FAP7 remix]
Bebord takes us on a very space-laced futuristic trip. The only problem with Vorbel is how it can get a little monotonous – the introduction is about a minute and a half in length and does the same thing for the whole time. It does that a lot, and vocals don't seem to help pull it out of this drudgery. Its saving grace is the fact that it is a very trancey song, and most trance enthusiasts can dig long loops while strutting around...even in a 7 1/2+ minute song which the rest of us would like to have seen finished up in three.

8) Deceptio Mentis with Divina
Keeping the futuristic plotline alive, Divina however breaks into a more complicated and fulfilling groove. And while the intro to this song is similar in length to Vorbel before, it's the complicated movements of the melody and rhythms that keeps it from growing stale.

9) Monstrum Sepsis with Pecking Order
My first impression as soon as Pecking Order began was that SMP had put on a different costume. But Mostrum Sepsis do keep the mix more low key and simple. They lace their mix together with metallics like SMP does. They add further melodies as the track moves, almost grinding down the original opening pace of the song with chorus-like synths. It's nothing overly special.

10) PTI with Alysium [PTII Mix]
This mix of Alysium infuses a bit of techno into the Resurrection 2 mix, but adds to it darkened industrial vocals. The chorus laces into brighter vocals with good effect. Alysium isn't the best of techno/industrial I've heard, but it's certainly not bad by any means. Very nice fat back rhythm breakdown at quarter to three.

11) Regenerator with Blink
Closing Resurrection 2, the original version of Blink opens trancey, but flies into a very stompy darkened rhythm. Regenerator just recently kicked out an album of remixes called Regenerated X(5) that we've recently had the pleasure to write up, so you can check out that review for more on this band.

Resurrection 2 is a fine release and a top notch compilation. Don't be discouraged by thinking it's one of those burn-pressed ringlets that basement labels will send out. It's as professional as any store bought CD, and WTII have a very tight control over the music that appears here, keeping it in a similar vein, solid genre and feel. Buy this compilation to help you decide what to buy next, because if you're a fan of electro/EBM/industrial, there's plenty here that you'll want to check out further.

(1) My review of Infrastructure’s Salt the Earth release.
(2) You have to check these d00ds out…their self-titled release was reviewed in Legends #110 and their most recent, Pheromones, was written up in #132.
(3) Both reviewed in Legends #145.
(4) SMP was interviewed in Legends #104 and their Terminal release was written up there as well.
(5) Reviewed in Legends #145.