CD Review

State of Being – “Haywire”

By Marcus Pan

Right off the bat, Haywire, is impressively concocted. Mixing genres of riff-slaughtering metal guitars, EBM electronic pop and solid vocals, all mixed to perfection, State of Being has put out a fine CD. Seemingly a family affair, State of Being are made up by Christopher, Shara and Scott Foldi with Rayanne Turek and Randy Blaire throwing down within.

Opening with the nominal song, Haywire, a good start we have here. Strong, tight and well played with lyrical content calling towards a wire-connected digital shakedown. Almost Matrix-like. Overload follows and kicks nearly as loud and strong, keeping an Evanescence, but male fronted, feel. The lyrical content is similar to the previous track: "They overload my brain, too much too contain, lost in information..." The only downfall thus far is that it can get a slight common, even if well done.

Deadly funky from the outset, Levity is a stand-out track for Haywire. Muscially speaking, at least. I find myself looking for something a bit more in the lyrics though – you'll find plenty of clichés and banality here: "I want to visualize inside of velvet skies." I guess I'm longing for a bit more intellectuality to accompany an intelligently laid out musical score. Static laden and stompy comes Whitespace, which is a great name for a song that finds itself white-noise driven during some of its make-up. What's up with the accoustic chorus? It's nice and all...but not here. It just doesn't fit right.

We move back and forth this way...sometimes more electronic, sometimes more riff slamming, always groovy. I Could, for example, has a really trip hop make-up musically and bubbles along rhythmically.

We have here in Haywire a decent album. With grooviness, well played instruments, strong guitars and well layed down vocals. It's also mixed amazingly well and sounds about as pro as anybody. But what we don't have here is much beyond banality in the form of lyrics. We're all adults here, so write a bit like one. That's all that is lacking in State of Being's repertoire. If they were to stop shooting for the kiddie crowd, they might blow me away.

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