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The Strand – “RMX Volume 01”

By DJ Rivithead

RMX Volume 01A collaborative effort from many of today's heavy hitters remixing music by The Strand. You'll hear floor stomping mixes by Aon, The Endparty, Imperative Reaction, Byron Anderson, Dismantled, Massiv In Mensch(1), Forced, Hardwire and The Azoic(2). An impressive lineup and the remixes are even more impressive than the guest list. After listening to this CD about 100 times I'm quite shocked I've never heard these songs on many playlists.

I find this odd because this CD is completely kick ass from the moment you hit play till the moment you hit repeat and let the thing ride all night. Not all remix CDs stand up to the guest list hype and The Strand must have realized that because all the remixes found here give you the feeling they must have been really choosey with their selections and it paid off in a really big way.

The Strand are no strangers to the scene by any means. They've been around for a while(3). I'm even hip enough to have the Strand collectors cards obtained when I used to write for Gothic Beauty Magazine. This is a CD not to be without if your fans of hard hitting hardcore industrial stomp. It has all the angst of early 90's hardcore mixed with aggressive industrial dance and slight power electronic fills for abrasive measures.

Aon remixes Haunted into one of those stomp tracks, bouncing you right into time. Drum and bass fuse with industrial overtones slamming four on the floor and heavy synth madness breaks loose the demons. Imperative Reaction remix I Hate My Fucking Job, a bona fide anthem for the working class stiff stuck in a job they hate. This song says it just like you would. Puts it right down your throat to the tune of what I'd like to say is more cyberpunk then anything.

The Endparty remixed Bookmark on the Shelf and slows the tempo down for a more subdued and angelic tone. The style is female fronted EBM. Very sultry and sexy with delayed vocals and a down tempo vibe. Short and sweet. Onslaught is remixed by Byron Anderson. Aggressive synth lines, thick and evil, with vocals in that early 90's style of industrial from back in the day. Loud and proud. Hard and heavy and fucking awesome!

Dismantled remix Never Fail Again whish once more slows the tempo down with a brooding intro creeping into a more darkwave flavor. The main content of the song has a very smooth dance beat with some trance like elements giving it an almost Delerium like essence. Nicely done. ArtOfFact’s Massiv In Mensch remix Haunted and the EBM has landed. This juiced up version will definitely get the laser vamps jumping. This is graver at its best. Stomping beats with rave and house elements with attitude. This is a crossover track for sure.

Forced’s remix of Chicks Suck [Guys Suck] starts experimental, but within a few seconds you realize definitely not. This one goes old school Thrill Kill or KMFDM with a dash of 80’s wave and 90’s rave. This one should be played at least once per night for the next 20 years in any DJ's weekly set list; it's certainly going to be in mine.

With Hardwire’s remix of Dread, Fixmer and McCarthy come to mind. Driving beats that take a second or three to get going, but once it hits you're on your way to a bouncefest. Vocal bellows very much like that of Nitzer Ebb. The Azoic’s remix of Haunted keep the bounce. The synthwork is beefed and tweaked with all the energy of Goa, the beats of EBM and the composition rendering as only The Azoic can do it. The best version of Haunted on the disc The Strand’s Parody My Inspection went right over my head. Strange ramblings and the fart sounds were quite…interesting? The end of this CD is a remix kit for the track Haunted.

The CD gets you going right from track one and those who may not be fans of The Strand may find a new reason to listen again. I can honestly say I will be spinning alot of these tracks in my sets because they all have plenty of dance floor appeal and would definitely add to an upbeat aggressive floor frenzy. Great job guys and to the fans grab this one up before it's gone.

(1) Their latest, Menschdefekt, was reviewed in Legends #141.
(2) See their review of Conflict in Legends #140.
(3) Legends has reviewed their past albums with In the Trench in Legends #109 and Diatom in Legends #145.
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