By Marcus Pan

That about does it this month kiddies! Be sure to tune into Legends Online [] to keep up to date on the latest.

The Darker the Music…the Emptier the Pocketbook!

Some of the things coming your way this year includes a Net.Radio station streaming some of the best that we’ve talked about in our pages. Also, you can check out our special ad rates halved at least until our big issue #150 (then we get all important ‘n shit). There’s talk of a party surrounding Legends #150 as well—and a Legends Companion hardcover book is in the works by the producer!

So there’s things happening...and if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately I’ve started playing bass again for Goth rock group Bitter Grace out of New York City. You’ve seen us play at Rare the past couple of months, and we’ll be appearing at club Pyramid and Albion in Manhattan next. See the Bitter Grace website [] for more details on that.

Next month we have feature fantasy fiction again by returning writer Jeff Franzman with accompanying illustration by Zubrovka. Kim Mercil is slated to sit down with trip-hop’s Namnambulu from the Nilaihah stable. And reviews from such outfits as Marillion, Bind Faith and Envy, Kooper Kain, Earth Loop Recall and more besides. So check us out in May!

That’s about it...hope we didn’t scare you too much in the beginning of this month’s issue kiddies. But it just had to be done, you see, it being April Fool’s and all. But of always…

The Darker the Music...the Brighter the Mind!

Marcus Pan
March 17, 2005 @ 2340 EST