CD Review

Amber Spyglass – “Accelerating Parcae”

By May Wiseman

Accelerating Parcae“I listen…Drinking a glass of red wine while the snow flakes are whirling past my window.” – Bruno Van De Valdo – Undertow Magazine

“Yeah, me too buddy. Except, I live in the south and there ain’t no snowflakes!” – May Wiseman – Legends Magazine

Who doesn't like a good Gothic folk album? Kelly Godshall and John DeGregorio do. So they both made one. That rich acoustic work reminds me of being in a bar full of drunken people and I just want to leave. However I stay, because I am one of them. I am with the band more than likely. And I'm surely to be with the drunkards making everyone else load the gear.

This album is actually one of my favorites since these folks try so hard to go out of style way in Goth norm. Kelly has a great hair-do, admiring from the front of the cover, and her man is geek perfect! They are a golden couple in my eyes. Good hair, and good geek lovingness. Perfect. Goth-wood-luscious!

There's no telling how many times I've heard this album. It's been in my car player on rotation (not that trunk thing) for over two months now, and I have so dug it. Amber Spyglass goes acoustic and plugs in when you're not paying mind. It's a thing of beauty folks.

Track two paints the best scene with breathy vocals. Red Dust makes the listener feel how hot the desert is. It's hot with its' "shape of its grin," completely western in lyrical sense, with percussion most professional with slight jazz rolls. Where I like to rock is in-between. A good album, give us some groove where it counts. With a groove that doesn't pick up until track four – toward the end of Little Things, you get a sweet, sweet surprise. Talking about pain that consumes her, John knows about a woman and her feelings, because he's all about rocking out the woman’s soul with what it needs toward the end of this beauty.! This is where the disc makes it impossible to stop.

Track five, Silent Ravine, makes me feel like an Indian when they do the dancing fire drum thing. This track goes from humdrum western Goth to this incredible tribal chant, painting your face. It's dramatic with sound, drawing you in with layers of acoustic and rhythmic body.

Track six; Catalyst Groove is strictly for Goth rave. Punk rockers can live inside this song since the rhythm is straight up sound and up front vocal – breathy girl vocals with an arpeggio ending. The lyrics are about dogs growling, and John tries to mimic what this sound would be on every instrument a band can play. That's what gets me here – John plays all the instruments and she just sings. Now it's good singing, but this guy’s rather full bodied as a musician.

Venus in the 8th House, track ten, pours out such an intensely instrumental ballad. Violins, and percussion are this song. No vocals. However the texture is sad and much like something found in the classic era – rebellious at times and still a pervasive smooth that makes you forget the rules of rock. And the finish with In White, track eleven, is subtle with sweet vocals and calm acoustics…puts you to bed for the night.

Looking for more stuff on them since this one is dug around the house and car. You want something good for the car too since there's so many shit drivers. This seemed to calm the drive, jacking me up at times. What a good feeling for all on that road aye?

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