By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanA little surprised, are you, my little kiddie friends? For nearly 15 years I have been writing, editing, creating...this rag of a magazine. For 15 years I’ve sunk cash money into it...enough dead presidents that would fill a graveyard twice over. And what have I got? Fifty thousand or so readers, a stack of CDs, smattering of books and...that’s it! I’m raising a family here in armpit USA New Jersey, kiddies, and it’s time to...get...paid.

Have you seen the latest VH-1 and MTV music awards? Did you watch the Grammys? Maybe you noticed that approximately 80% of the awards had gone to R&B, hip-hop and popular artists? I’m sure you didn’t see any Interlace, Bauhaus, Dope Stars or Cure up there, did you? No, I didn’t’s what people want.

So in an effort to be able to afford to continue this magazine, Legends is switching to cover this very same music. Legends Magazine is proud to introduce our new format. Stepping up to compete directly with Spin, Details, GQ and urban magazines of the mainstream, we debut our new Hip-Hop and Popular music style. Enjoy our reviews of the latest and returning artists of rap, hip-hop, fizz pop and R&B.

The Darker the Music…the Emptier the Pocketbook!

Marcus Pan
March 16, 2005 @ 1932 EST