CD Review

Leech Woman – “Uncertainty Device #26573”

By Marcus Pan

Uncertainty Device #26573Coming at us from the Wasp Factory camp, this CD from Leech Woman is a compilement of Leech Woman music remixed by an array of different musical artists. The style is abrasive and veers from power noise to hard industrial and experimental chaos. Noise Punishment leads us into the chaos with their rendition of Tool. Maybe if Ministry went power noise we might find something like this emerging from such a venture. The vocal screams remind me of early Ministry like on Psychonaut. The beat is hard and abrasive drum and noise. Pounding distorted drums and guitar collide for an intense outing.

Ambassador 21 come into the game with a remix of Breaker. Reminds me of something that would come out of the St.Johns Eve camp. The bass stomps, the guitar is down tuned and the drum beat is pumping. Raw madness. Needleye dissect Section 13 and rage in with another interesting twist on sound. The beat is danceable, the vocals very industrial. Schizoid with their take on Knucklehate reminds me of an old band some of you may remember: GGFH. The old school use of analogue drum machines bring back the early heyday. Not many people write them like this anymore.

Aphasic does their version of Breaker, coming in with abrasive drum and bass tones. This one will rattle those bass cabinets to pieces. Matt Green with his rendition of Cardinal is off the chain IDM at its best. Keeping the beat funky and phat this one has plenty of bounce to keep you jumping around. Stutter glitch elements mend with experimental complexity yet maintain enough dance flow to keep the floor moving and enough bass to be a great track in a car stereo competition.

Tarantella Serpentine try their hands at Tool. The beat, complete with plenty of bass drops, keeps the vibedeep and groovy. House elements add to the spicy flavor emerging here. Tom Mills remixes Fedrill into some angst filled hard industrial. Heavy in the percussion department, the beats are choppy and raw. The vocals areprocessed and sunk into the mix giving an even more evil appeal to the madness unfolding in this track. Full of energy…this one goes all over the place.

Exitboy also tries Cardinal – the approach is different then Matt Green's perception of it, but nonetheless is a unique interpretation. Matt's version is most certainly my choice out of the two. Uniform take a stab at Breaker and bore the hell out of me. Noise Creator comes at us with Solid State / Fedrill: an amped up bass bomb. Full of high energy stutter and drone madness. The hits are hard, the vibe is intense and this track is bombastic. You would really have to hear this one to fully appreciate the use of sounds here to maintain a rhythm. Like rapidgunfire at times.

Uncertainty Device is very bassed up material. Lots of IDM, stutter, house and glitch to keep things phat and chunky with enough abrasion to keep material like this in the dark rooms of underground clubs for a long time to come. Like Tequila, you have to require a taste for it.

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