The Real Foreword

By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanAww, I’m sorry kiddies...did I scare you? And did you actually think that the world’s longest running goth/punk/industrial magazine was going to go…[gasp]...HIP HOP? Oh puhleeze...of course I can appreciate some of the appeal and even a smattering of the artists...but really...puhleeze.

Here we are with our USUAL, unchanged, dark and dismal content! From PTI to Echo Us, House of Usher to Fektion Fekler and interviews with Interlace and Namnambulu besides, Legends Magazine will continue to be as musically non-mainstream as we can. After all, all those other magazines I mentioned before can cover the boring stuff. We’ll keep the intelligence here, thankyewverymuch!

So enjoy kiddies...and happy April Fool’s Day!

Marcus Pan
March 16, 2005 @ 2039 EST