CD Review

Veer Chasm – Demo

By May Wiseman

Veer Chasm is pissed. Maybe at being picked on, maybe society, maybe poor fast food service, whatever. They are just not up to that sun shining day dammit. This demo is honestly too pretentious and beyond Gothic to take at times. Joel Dalangin from sunny Riverside, California along with co-member Sam Hammond who enlists bass and vocal tracks founded the band. The whole of this Veer Chasm project still belongs to Joel who incorporates vocal, drums, programming and guitar on all tracks – the "band" is thoroughly Joel's' euphonic baby.

I'm only going to push a few tracks here since the previous paragraph is too honest to take back. The first five songs are just junk. You'll throw anything that sounds this produced on the first three songs in the trash. You got your manufactured drum machine, trying to be Goth vocal, and wanna-be Cure bass lines. One more aspect the bitch May Wiseman sees is going to be the dress. I mean – we all don't have to appear Gothic to listen to the music. It's not like an elite groups folks! It's over the top and hard to take on a week night/end when there really isn't anything to do. It will really just piss you off…

The weird thing about this "demo" is the schizophrenic track layout involved. At track six it's like you're hearing a completely different band. Seriously, there was a little looking about just to make sure I was listening to the same band. See, this track six Enthrall, is really such a great song. The dynamics are on. The chord progressions are slight and goodie perfect. There's even a little Dick Dale lick in there during the change that I'll never understand, but so hotly dig. The vocals are on; not strained into some kind of Interpol offspring.

Track eight, Three, becomes this dreamy ballad with fierce eighties guitar likeness. The sound is smooth with vocals lighter than a whoopee cushion. This is the song groupies are made of, there are people that will want to go and have some sex with this song. Listening to the lyrics and stuff. Seriously. And then go dance their ass off to the punk rock song Then I Scream (track nine) straight away. It's so seventies garage with these raging guitar riffs and that four/four drum rhythm. Even the vocals are Richard Hell-ish.

Now, back to the pissed on track ten. We open with this little thing I like to call a piece of day to day. It's all pretentious, those little idioms that musicians tag into their tunes – if not in the beginning, you'll find it in the end. Some like to call these sound bites? Yeah. Well, track ten goes, "I Know people like you were the reason I was afraid to go to school as a child." So we are back to pissed, and this does not flow for them. This keeps their music from being good – that grudge they keep holding. It's binding in effect. So what? Kids are mean – you can't truly go through life thinking you can get back at these people through music. The music is who you are, and what you make it. It's what you want to tell other people, since it's supposed to reach so many. This grudge stuff is just something that isn't understood in music. Just make it for what's in you instead…of who you think of. This is where this band and I collide. It's foreign to me, since the sound is big in me. This around is too restricted – it only will ever go so far. This band touches on it sometimes, but is just way too many inches away for me to groove. Live or not!

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Veer Chasm
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