CD Review

Anguisette – Demo

By Marcus Pan

Tri State Killing Spree was indeed a hard loss. With their release of Happy Death Heaven(1) the underground was converging together as the idea of a new Cure rose along with their tracks. The split of 3SkS has become one of the more recent kicks to the goth rock groin. But at least one – Jyri Glynn, founding violinist of Tri State Killing Spree – has at least showed up for the party.

Since joining with The Sins, also notable goth rockers, he has also gone on to create the new Anguisette. As musically elite as 3SkS with the same flair that made that band special, Jyri's violin strains still hover elusively between the gates of sweetness and despair. I happen to be the lucky receiver of a small-amount press from Anguisette – a 3 song demo containing the opening strains of what many of us hope will be a longer tradition than past endeavors.

Indefinite is very similar in scope to the pop-rock Tri State or The Sins, with female vocals and swift rhythm. As we arrive on Spherical, Glynn's violinist urges take part and twist and mingle with electronic synthwork creating a moody and airy flow. The final tantalizing close of this small morsel, Reminisce, picks up the pace and adds some piano to the mix. Also instrumental but a bit faster paced, the piano and violin exchange leering glances as they dance about.

Here's to hoping that Anguisette gets a full length out soon. Even with the sub-par production on this early demo release, there's plenty of promise showcased in these three starting tracks.

Contact Information:
SINister Records
Post: 1539 14th Ave. South #1, Seattle, WA, 98144, USA
(1) Reviewed in Legends #96.