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Artridge - "Finished Soundtracks for Unshot Films"

By Marcus Pan

ArtridgeOpening with the over ten minute dirge named Conclusion (interesting way to start an album), Berlin's Artridge have created what they hope to be a soundtrack score for films that have not yet been produced. Recorded in dead center Berlin, duo Robin Pleil and Christoph Mainz reformed as Artridge following the break-up and shut down of Arsenal. Their music remains minimal and ambient, with only subtle manipulations to give it at least a slight humanistic feel.

But overall it's very random, with Conclusion's seemingly random blips, windy backgrounds and outlying samples pressed together in the hopes of creating something interesting. Whether they have succeeded will undoubtedly lie in the eyes of the beholder, but the work here is interesting indeed and will perk the interest of the ambient and (recently discovered) illbient genres. As Conclusion nears its center, the humanism increases and random nature slips away as a rhythm builds out of seemingly nothing. It takes a while to build upon itself, hence the ten minutes plus of track time, but it's quite satisfying.

The background thunder and string ensembles of Infusion make for a dark and gloomy piece of music, growing more ominous through use of some monotonous ensembles. Delos – One Way, Slight Return uses a heavy percussion to guide the track for it's (relatively speaking) short four minutes on Finished Soundtracks, quite moving and energetic really.

Where Delos was energetic, Exile opens heavy with guitars and a similar drum tack. Omsk, a highlight here, takes us away from the heavy valkrie cries of the previous two and smoothes things out using at the outset a funky slapped bass and trance like rhythms, winds and synth samples. Tube lopes in funky fresh, and then leaves in a minute and a half. I could have standed this track to be a lot longer, it was a fun romp.

Artridge's unfilmed scores here are interesting and well made. If you like this sort of ambient and background thing, it's worth checking out.

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