CD Review

Cybernetic Erosion - “Abominant Transmissions”

By Marcus Pan

Abominant TransmissionsHere's the thing...first came Cheerios, and this happened decades ago. Then came honey nut, frosted, cinnamon and all those other coolio flavors of Cheerios. Now that you've been eating all the cooler and better versions of Cheerios, do you really want to go back to just plain...old...Cheerios? Tried and true maybe – but things have gotten so much better why bother going backwards?

That is what Cybernetic Erosion means to me. Going backward. Eating Cheerios again. And with low budget production, bottom barrel mastering and amateurish make-up it's even more akin to going back to not just Cheerios again, but that box of Cheerios that has sat on the store shelf since 1986 that would make a loud thudding noise if dropped. It's stale, folks...bland, stale, cardboardy. Cybernetic Erosion certainly went through the Guide to Becoming an Industrial Star course as offered in Legends #100.

Sincerety Vomit starts off this promo, with disjointed yowling vocals and an annoying squeaky melody at times. Spoken unintelligible words mingle around stock computeresque drum 'n bass rhythms. Ho hum at best. If you look past the low-budget performance, Cybernetic Erosion have a possibly good old style industrial track with Attack. Well put together, interesting metallic melodies and spoken word style vocals make this one up. There's hope here after all. The only caveat is its insistence to go on too long, surpassing the audience's interest by leaps and bounds.

Enter Zero tries to get funky with its Sigue Sigue Sputnik soundage, but fails. Instead it is as amateurish as the first track without getting as disjointed. The annoying sliding guitar sample throws you completely off any interesting elements you might have found here. It gets better, by removing this sample, but by this time you're already bored with the track. Again, hope displayed with Descentrest – its fusion of ambient and industrial create an excellent intro to...very whiny vocals. The music is not bad at all, especially a funky bass breakdown later, but the vocals dash our hopes like a cantaloupe on granite.

My final word on Cybernetic Erosion's Abominant Transmissions release is this: it's a stale plain Cheerio in a world of cinnamon and frosting. Mostly uninteresting and with amateur worn like sergeant stripes on a sleeve. Pass it over, at least until the outfit gets a lot more experience or a much bigger budget.

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