CD Review

The Fair Sex – “Thin Walls – Part II”

By Marcus Pan

Tihin Walls - Part IIThe second part to The Fair Sex's Thin Walls collection, this one going further back in time to as far back as 1986's Oddities. Thin Walls - Part I contained the band's 90s work, and here we go back further to the 80s. As strong as ever they were when they first dropped on the Earth, some of the best of EBM is infused into this succeeding compilation. Seventeen tracks's just not right to pass this one up if you're remotely into old school industrial and EBM.

It opens first off with Drop of Blood (also found on The Invincible Sex), which was written for a movie named Kinder der Nacht 2. Following this is the previously unreleased The House of Unkinds, a required EBM electro sex song of the genre. With sliding synthetic metals and heavy riffwork combined with smooth fast paced percussion, it's one of the many highlights to the second part of Thin Walls. It will bring all of your Zoth Ommog and Wax Trax memories flooding back.

Oddities' Divine Service is here as well, complete with its spoken word spooky introduction. Its hammering beats and original style hammers my mind back to high school days when I first started getting into this style of music. All of the dancefloor stompers are here, from the still played No Excuse off of Demented Forms to the moody The Jumping from The House of Unkinds. One of my favorites is The Naked and the Dead, with its demented vocals and simple, fast and effective synth melody. Original style industrial – minimally arranged, straightforward and quick to the punch.

Finishing this collection is The House of Unkinds' Nervous Jesus, laced with scythe slicing metallic orchestration and The Fair Sex's trademark deep vocal style. It grates and stomps Thin Walls Part II to an excellent close.

Whether I recommend this album, which I do, is irrelevant. The Fair Sex have, for nearly two decades, been one of the finest examples of EBM and original industrial for a long time. So if you like this genre, you need this album so you have classics in your player. Whether you're just discovering EBM/Industrial, rediscovering its roots or your past, or even just vaguely interested, The Fair Sex are a definitive band and should be a part of your collection. And if you're a DJ, not having this CD is a downright crime.

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