CD Review

Fear of Dolls - “She Dances Happily to Happy Songs”

By Marcus Pan

She Dances Happily to Happy SongsWelcome to misnomer central, ladies and gentleman, where we will discuss the Fear of Dolls release: She Dances Happily to Happy Songs. One of the finest examples of misnoming to be found today. From the opening clashes of guitar versus guitar on She Lives Alone, you know from the outset that there probably won't be many happy thoughts on this five song release from Seattle's Fear of Dolls.

That's not to say we don't have something enlighteningly interesting here. Naming an album as they have, and embellishing it with cut-away images of the brain and nervous system and cut up nuns in a band, makes the moniker obviously satirical and tongue in cheek. Sister Mary's Scar is strange, with its pulsing bass line and off kilter guitar strains laid against a dragging backbeat. Sharply contracted, the song leaves a lasting impression of the darkest of atmospheres. I triple dog dare you to make it through still hinged.

Saint Dymphnae and Sanguine add vocals again and remain stylistically moody, using similar techniques of clashing guitar rhythms and chord progressions. The break at the end of Sanguine that drops to subliminally charged chirpings is enough to rattle your senses following the previous dirge. Scissors is the most computer-laced track on Happy Songs, and will slide and lunge from chord to chord, wreaking serious havoc on your head.

She Dances Happily to Happy Songs is not an album that you can say you "enjoy." Rather, you say something's infected you. You remember it for some time. The music herein creates an extremely dark place and touches you while the fingers of a molester it'll trace chills down your spine. Very disturbing work.

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