By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanOnly one shy of the big One Five Oh baybee! I still remember when I was writing this thing by hand. No seriously...there was a time it was. Handwritten. I’m such a geek.

As June approaches, we’re kicking out the 150th issue of Legends Magazine. And October of this year marks fifteen full years for this thing. It certainly has been fun. To help us celebrate, we’re hosting a big party at Club Rare in Manhattan ( on June 25th and while we’re still finalizing live bands and DJs I do have Bitter Grace confirmed as headliners and Texas’ Bunker Solider as well as Boston’s Amber Spyglass are set to play. We have NY’s trancemaster DJ CSB soothing out the night for us and we’re going to be shaking our little asses off all night. For any of the bands and labels that have supported us over the years, an e-mail request is enough to get some tickets mailed out to ‘ya.

In the meantime, I’m rolling out reviews galore this issue as we do another catch up. The goal is to be able to bring our reviews to inside of a month or two—submit one month, maybe see a review an issue or two after that. It’s a tall order, but it requires me to crank out all the reviews that I’ve managed to get to myself over the course of the past weeks to clear out the queue. And that’s a lot of what this issue is about. Music. Sorry, Dad!

So we’ll check back in on the back page (unless of course I decide not to do an Afterword this never can tell with me). And come on out to Club Rare for the party, beeyotch!

Marcus Pan
April 30, 2005 @ 2117 EST