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V/A – “The Invincible Sex”

By Marcus Pan

The Invincible SexTake two top acts in the underground electronic scene with 40 years or so of experience combined, both about to release anthologies of decades' worth of work, and stick them together. The Invincible Sex is a half length, seven song split EP by just that – two of EBM and industrial's strongest outfits. The Fair Sex and The Invincible Spirit, both recently reviewed in Legends by myself, collaborate on this EP.

The Invincible Spirit has just finished putting together their Anthology 1984-2004 CD. The Fair Sex, meanwhile, has just finished their best of collection: Thin Walls Part II. They collaborated on The Invincible Sex by each having two singles on the EP. The other three are created by "The Invincible Sex," obviously a band name created by taking pieces of each of the original two collaborators.

They open this endeavor with the dismal sounding track The Fair Spirit which moodily begins our seven track tour. The Invincible Spirit's classic Deeper starts off the singles themselves, certainly an excellent choice from this group. Of course not to be put down, the Fair Sex follows this with one of their finest. The Naked and the Dead, also found on their Thin Walls Part II compilation, is a highlight to this short EP.

Red Glow Horizon finds the two outfits merging into the first single for The Invincible Sex. Intelligently designed synth strains with a touch of thunder and guitar, bolstered by backing chorale tracks to fill in a wall of sound approach. Possibly the best single off of this release. The Invincible Sex closes off with the collaborative Your God In Me. This track slows the swift beats down to create a brooding, bass-laden track with whispered vocals, flashes of high synthetic strains and a trancey hell-placed atmosphere.

One of the greatest match-ups since whip cream and fucking, The Invincible Sex release only lacks in length. For more information on either The Fair Sex or The Invincible Spirit, be sure to look up the recent reviews I wrote for their anthologies as well.

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