CD Review

Monstrum Sepsis – “Doors & Windows”

By DJ Rivithead

Doors & WindowsDoors & Windows crashes in hard and heavy. Right from the start bass and drone warfare ensue on Walkout performed live. Funky beats and funky bass erones blast the decibels. Keeping the sound a little gritty, Monstrum Sepsis will make those big bass cabs boom with this one.

Android Lust lend they're remixing skills to DSC coming in with a different style then the previous groovefest. Although the beat is pumping it’s also met with beautiful sting arrangements giving it a nice Darkwave element and added piano fills for that classical influence. Painfully Obvious comes next with funky bass tones and almost dirty breakbeats meeting an almost 80's like percussion section. Hard to describe in words It has a tribal appeal to it but is very electronic veering in and out of time and arrangements.

Doors & Windows’ Mimetic remix is a nice change in tempo from previous tracks. This one takes on a more dark club track with a dash of Frontline and a bit of Delirium. The mix comes in a little slow at first then bounces into time nicely. The use of samples is done quite well too. I always like a good sample layered into a mix nicely. The beat is soft, yet solid. Doors & Windows remixed by Displacer is yet another version with a slow intro…even slower then the one previous. It takes some time to get to tempo, but slowly builds with a distorted breakbeat style with some bass bleeps. Not much going on and very minimal down tempo material.

Thermodynamics comes stomping things back into the psycho electro mode. This is industrial D&B with driving kicks and psychotic sequencing. The beat is fast and furious with an aggressive edge sure to get the floor into a frenzy. Punch the Red Circle goes wandering off into abrasive power electronics. Skipping Stone slows things down quite a bit as we slowly lead into our next frontier in the Sepsis Galaxy. Things speed up into some fast break dubwise material getting funky phat and chunky!

Doors & Windows is next remixed by Haujobb. These guys take this track to another level. They decimate this song. The beat just pumps this definitely needs loud attention. I'd have to say hands down this is the best remix version by far! DSC – Torrent Vaccine remix keeps the beat in the club spirit. High energy psytrance could possibly describe the vibe here. The beat is thick and very club oriented. Grab your glow sticks, this one is perfect for any electro event. Windows Within Windows is remixed by I Parasite. Drum and bass collide with string ensembles and synth fills. Keeping the reggae with high energy floor pumping.

This CD release is perfect for those liking aggressive genre bending and morphing material. We have a variety of genres here, but mainly sticking with a dub influenced dark IDM vibe. Basslines are thick and thumping, the angst is administered in small doses so not to cause a frenzy but keeping the adrenaline rush in full swing.

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