Music Interview

Sero. Overdose

By Kim Mercil

Sero.OverdoseKM: Does the name of your band "Sero. Overdose" mean anything?

Yes. Sero.Overdose was the combination of “serotonin” and “overdose.” That’s why our first record was called Serotonin. For all who don’t know, take a look into a medicine dictionary.

KM: How much time passed between the release of Serotonin and No Time For Silence?

About two years passed between them.

KM: Why do you feel that a second album is more difficult to write than the first?

The first was more just for fun, and we did not have a real concept behind it. After learning how we work together, musically and live on stage, we were grown together and wanted to reach more then just one record. We now needed to top the level of the first album to show people what’s about Sero.Overdose, and to show them that we can do better then before.

KM: Both Andre Hartung and Oliver Senger come up with lyrics for Sero.Overdose. Who writes the majority of the lyrics? Is there any collaboration involved?

There is no majority I believe, because we all have lots of ideas who wants to take part of it. André as well as Olli are writing lyrics, sometimes even me (Mike).

KM: Does living in Berlin have any influence on your music?

Berlin is pretty big and lots of musicians and labels are here. But the most are clubs where to hear what actually is running on the dancefloors. I think it is indirect that we get influenced by the city.

KM: Sero. Overdose has been compared to such bands as Covenant,VNV and And One. How do you feel your music stands out amongst these bands?

We believe that you can´t compare us with others. It is only mentioned on the label’s website to help people find out in what category we are.

KM: Why was the track Dr. Who omitted from the final version of No Time For Silence? Will it be available?

There were only a few promotional CDs sent out including that song and I think this question is irrelevant because none of the fans know that we have had such a song. No. It will be not available.

KM: Do you feel No Time For Silence will outweigh Serotonin's success?

For sure! Just have a listen and you will see!

KM: Two of Sero. Overdose's members, Mike Johnson and Oliver Senger, are both in other bands. How do you divide your time between bands?

If you are already living in your studio, then probably it is possible. Also production and composing in generally is easy for us, because we are professionals.

KM: Andre, prior to Sero. Overdose have you been in other bands?

Yes. I was founder and singer of a hardcore crossover band called “PHP” But after some conflicts with the band members we decided to end our relationship.

KM: How did the Alfa-Matrix Sero.Overdose relationship transpire?

We started to know each other with remixing some of the AM bands and we started to like each other. We found that AM is a real family, and we wanted to collaborate more with them. That’s why we decided for Alfa Matrix.

KM: Who came up with the idea to hold an open remix contest for the track She? Who won it? Where did the winning remix appear?

We and our label decided that it would be a cool idea to make a remix contest for our band and to give unknown bands the chance to be part of an record label release. We have three winners listed as follows :

No Time For SilenceShe - Remix by New Rain
Appears on the limited 2 CD edition No Time for Limited Silence

She - Remix by Chinese Theatre
Appears on the limited 2 CD edition No Time for Limited Silence

She - Remix by Vicious Dreams
Appears on the limited Club EP No Time for Club Silence

KM: Why is there so little info in your personal bio's on your web site?

Mmmhhh... we never thought it is too little... Compared to the rest of the website, we think it is enough though.

KM: Some DJ's are looking for the remix to your track For You that seems to be nonexistent. Is it available? If so, where? If not, how can they get their hands on a copy?

We are planning free downloads in future, So be sure to find it on the website in high resolution. It was mentioned as an exclusive track for a compilation. But it is long ago now, and we can now put it onto our website.

KM: With a new year here what lies in store for Sero. Overdose?

The new Sero. Overdose releases will be available in thed beginning of March. And you will find there the new album called No Time for Silence, including 15 new songs with 70 minutes total playtime. And you can get your copy from the limited edition called “no time for limited silence” including the regular album, a bonus disk feat. 15 remixes and exclusive versions. Plus stickers, postcards and even a poster of the band packed in a luxury DVD Box. We are still thinking about a re-release of the first album, but we do not know how and when it will be available. For all news just check our Website