Editor's Notes

EyesIt's the Legends 15 double-issue you now hold in your hands. Lotsa good shit this issue! We have the eighth Albinor Chronicle and Songs of Albinor Number 4, "The Ride of Karnack" and "Lobanna vs Tarrasque" respectively. Part V of our Vietnam Mini-Series is here as well; "A Picture is Worth…" Rose debuts in poetry with "Stargazer." More verse and another essay by myself, and plenty of spacers. This issue is truly double than a normal-sized issue.

I want to speak of Rose's full-page illustration, "Angel of Mercy." Some of you may remember this from a previous issue. However, that one was done from her memory specifically for Legends. The picture presented here is the original…passed on to Legends Magazine before she left for Indiana.

That's it…enjoy the issue!

PeaceHeartMarcus Pan