Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Songs of Albinor No. 4
"Lobanna vs the Tarrasque"

By Marcus Pan

A lonely night on Vestland's border.
The path through hills like dismal corridor.
The man, he stopped to rest his head.
Praying for sleep without dread.
But as he slept a creature crawled.
In legends told, the Tarrasque it's called.
The ground, it shook beneath it's weight.
Through prayer of Ishtar, man awakes.
The beast with its eyes of red.
Spies the knight, wants him dead.
Its jaws, they snatch, its breath, it fumes.
Lobanna fights against his doom.
Ringing sword and swinging blade.
Pow'r with fire from steel displayed.
His power drains, his lifeblood flows.
The end is near, the beast it knows.
Through blade of steel and pow'r of prayer.
Lobanna fights against despair.
On and on his muscles strain.
The beast tears flesh, blood it drains.
Beast's strength is great, it is strong.
Moreso than can be said in song.
Knight raises arms to heavens high.
Fire flashed within the sky.
A globe of colors surrounds the knight.
The beast runs through, feels its might.
A fearful blast, a terrible roar.
And evil creature is no more.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 15.