Rants & Essays

The Threshold

By Marcus Pan

There is a line...a very thin line. And this is the threshold between reality and fantasy. I ask thee...what is reality? Can this be answered? Reality is a vague term dubbed for things around you. But just because you can touch something, does this make it real? How do we know that the things we see before us are not the fantasy of something else? While we read a book, one of fiction, how can it be known this is not real, truly happening somewhere else? We could be nothing more than the fleeting fantasy of someone else, like we create the fantasies of people in books.

You see, our reality can be the fantasy of another being in another place or time. And these beings can be the fantasy of yet another. Who can say what is real? Who can say what or where the threshold is? Or whether it, or anything else, exists...

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 15.