CD Review

Destination Oblivion – “Shock Therapy”

By Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Shock TherapyThis 2004 release from Portland, Oregon’s Destination Oblivion is their third one, a culmination of revamped outsourced material from their debut album Thirteen Beginnings to the End as well as newer material. Consider this a nearly shameless promotional springboard to their forthcoming album Decay, scheduled for release in May of 2005.

A remix of Our God Greed produces bare bones dance industrial with classic New Order digital grooves, while the remix of Amputee gets raked with metallic furrows amidst a nasty Skinny Puppy backwash. These first treatments only hint at the fact Destination Oblivion considers itself an industrial metal band.

The Haunted, one of the newer tracks, is hunky dory, although the Pigface-like blend of electronic percussion with live drums helps its cause. Buried Alive throws down with more attitude, inspired by tokes of Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails. Unfortunately, it putzes along until erupting sonically at the end, concluding (ala Trent Reznor) with a disarming keyboard melody, which is the track’s best moment. Shock *13 and Cauterize are numbing minute-long coldwave splices, in case you’re wondering.

The laughable subtitle for Desensitized: Catholic Mi” at least has a pretty okay dance beat and keyboard coupling that is disrupted by Wormhole: Orchestral Reconstruction, which sounds promising and does have promising moments of piano quietude that are unfortunately undone by hackneyed symphonic sampling that ruins the integrity of the reflective melody Destination Oblivion sets for itself. Fortunately, the last impression of this retooling is the aforementioned melody that escapes and appropriately finishes this lengthy track.

Interesting to see where this unit goes next on Decay. Save for a few flashes of entertaining moments, Shock Therapy is most filler you only need bother yourself with if you’re a fan looking to rally them to (hopefully) better things.

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