By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanAbout fifteen years ago this thing started, but you should already know that if you’ve been paying attention. We debuted such writers as Cameron Rodgers, Jeff Franzman, Marcus Pan (of course hehe), Chris Eissing, Sue Simpson and tons of others—and that was just the fiction stuff.

As the time nears to throw our big New York City bash, I find myself a little worried. All signs point to the fact that people are reading this, and advertisers know that and are (starting to) buying in to help themselves and us out. But I still worry that I’m going to crack the doors open at Club Rare and find myself waving to 4 people or so. I just want it known now...if that turns out to be the case, this will probably be the last issue.

However, I’m trying to be positive, worrying aside, and know it’s going to be a great time and I’ll get to see a lot of you that have written with us, illustrated for us, sent us music and books to talk about. Keep your eyes peeled as the promo posters for the 150th Issue Celebration starts going up throughout NY/NJ, and check it out at as we move ever closer to … well I guess the day of our reckoning.

So enough of that, let’s get back to the business of writing about music and keeping you entertained. So, hopefully, I’ll see some of you bastids at the party. Club Rare—416 W. 14th St. in Manhattan baybee! Wear your boots!

Marcus Pan
May 30, 2005
1503 EST