CD Review

Monstrum Sepsis – “Movement”

By Marcus Pan

MovementI'm not quite sure if we reviewed Monstrum Sepsis' last album, Doors & Windows(1), late or if they just released this album quickly. I don't feel like checking because I'm probably late for one reason or another, so we'll just assume that rather than depress myself with definite knowledge. I will mention however that Movement has come out less than a month ago (street date 4/12/2005), so I don't feel too bad, really.

Anyway Monstrum Sepsis are made up of duo Rob Wentz and Paul Karlik. Movement is an instrumental chill-out album of course, alternating between soothing chill out and heavier techno-laced ensembles. Overall the album is very fine, released in digipak, and an excellent addition to any electronic music aficionado’s shelf next to Autechre(2), Von Magnet(3), AFX(4) and would even appeal to Chemical Brothers fans as well with its faster paced work (Wasted & Shaven, for example).

Monstrum Sepsis' work is rhythmically superior to most other artists of the genre. You can state this right away with the opening Trojan Horse with its interesting combination of brush-stroke percussion and constant rhythmic changes beginning almost immediately with the track. This opens up into a beautifully strengthened industrial like rhythm that drives the track continuously while synth ensembles take a back seat for the journey.

Least makes me think almost exclusively of AFX (circa Analogue Bubblebath). Beat Per Trip follows and opens funky with a drum 'n bass heavy handed style, using mechanical scratches as a percussive bass – very interesting and rewarding work. A spicy techno flavor leads on. Through a lot of Movement we'll alternate between heavy drum 'n bass styles and lighter chill-out trance.

Tom Thumb is one of the later, but includes a riveting entertaining bass funk line that winds about peppering the otherwise smooth synth track. A Place and Time meanwhile immediately brightens Movement up with its higher-octave electronic melodies, allowing the keyboards to take on more control this time following the bassline's captivity of the previous track.

This is a fine release, an excellent release even. I enjoy it a lot and I'll be keeping it. I wasn't as impressed with the previously reviewed Doors & Windows, but I find myself really digging Movement and wishing AFX or Autechre would come back. But even if they don't, I'm fine now. Monstrum Sepsis is here. This shit would go down great at an all night rave.

Contact Information:
WTII Records, LLC
Post: PO Box 13495, Chicago, IL, 60613, USA
Phone: (773) 755-2415
(1) Reviewed in Legends #149.
(2) Autechre’s Amber was reviewed way back in Legends #95.
(3) Their Electro Flamenco CD was reviewed in Legends #143 and De L’Aimant in #149.
(4) See the review of AFX’s Analogue Bubblebath in #96.