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Pocket Universe – “Primal”

By Marcus Pan

PrimalPocket Universe are an interesting group. They remind me, in some ways, of Von Magnet(1). It's foreign sounding, it fuses a lot of different styles...I hear modern dance, jazz, Arabian with a lilting touch of cabaret. All blended together in a wonderful martini of sound. I dig it a lot, and not just because of the mixture, but also because of the talent involved from creators Lord Mykel and His Moonfyre. Pocket Universe refer to the music on Primal, as well as this CDs predecessor, Into the Abyss, as "scene music." And the scene is loaded with sexual energy, enticing rhythms and smooth accompaniament...come visit.

Notherwhere takes a trancy tack with bubbling water and what sounds like an oboe occasionally breaking the rhythm just to keep things interesting. The rhythm is simple but effective and acts as the anchor to which the synthetic soundscapes cling. Obsession picks up the pace and sounds similar to the previous Notherwhere because of a continuing rhythm as if it carried over from one song to another.

Urge, over eight minutes and the longest track here, utilizes breath-enhanced rhythms, Arabian style trappings and swift arrangement. An excellent tune and it makes you want to both dance and fuck at the same time. Blade then slows it down to, again, a breathy dirge with low down bass movements and encompassing keyboard arrangements. Backing up a bit, a favorite is the groovey nominal track, Primal. Its bounce heavyset bass and funky bongo rhythm can take you anywhere you want to go like a New York cab driver tripping on bad acid.

Pocket Universe is certainly worth looking into for anyone interested in something new. It's a modernized retake on some older rhythms, beats and sensibilities with a wide array of electronics being used to help it stand out. Sometimes metallic, sometimes dirge-like and sometimes windy, it always keeps things fresh and moving. Primal is certainly a sensual CD and will make it hard for you to decide whether to go out dancing or stay in humping.

Contact Information:
Fyrewind Productions, Inc.
Post: PO Box 42066, Millbourne, RPO, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6K 4C4
Phone: (780) 953-9463
(1) Their latest was reviewed in Legends #149.

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