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Yavin 4 – “Otherworld Technologies”

By Marcus Pan

Otherworld TechnologiesEasily one of the darkest industrial CDs to cross my desk, Yavin 4 could just as well be Laether Strip or Armageddon Dildos in disguise. Out on the Negative Gain label, Otherworld Technologies is a throwback to 80s level Euro-industrial styles and sounds. Made up of Oliver Taranczewsky and Stefan Voigt, Yavin 4 steep all their sounds in as much black laced samples and synthwork as they can muster.

Listening to Yavin 4 can lead to such medical difficulties as difficulty to concentrate, manic and/or schizophrenic driven depression and anxieties and at times you can almost hear your heart cry and your brain bleed. Almost like the duo has channeled as much evil as possible into Otherworld Technologies. It's a long CD as well, with fifteen tracks. The opening Republic of Voices starts us off with a swift EBM tack interspersed with dark and metallic edged vocal samples. It's hard to tell what here is lyrics and what here is interesting example of cacophony controlled.

We get predominantly Kraftwerkian with Solid Extension thereafter on track two. And by the time one of my favorites of Otherworld Technologies bops along on track four, Dream Operator, we've entered into some Sputnikesque grooves. Momentarily Plasma Sleep trances us into a comfortable feeling so that the darkness of preceding tracks can be pushed back at least temporarily. The repose is over quickly as Alien Intruder sci-fi's its way from the disc. Not as dark as its surrounding tracks, it brings a swiftly moving techno rhythm midway through the CD.

Track 10 has the trip-hoppy, electro bopping We Have Electric Sheep. I'm guessing a tribute to Philip K. Dick(1), of course. The funky bass rhythm that infuses in along with lyrics is smooth and well played. Not long thereafter we enter remix territory at the end of Otherworld Technolgies with Pzychobitch, DJ Ram and Cruciform Injection showing their takes on Yavin 4's music.

Yavin 4's Otherworld Technoligies certainly is one of the better industrial CDs to hit me. Very dark, rhythmic, pulsating and interesting it should move most dancefloors. Any fans of the old Euro-industrial genre will definitely enjoy what Yavin 4 has for you, even with the psychological damage it very well could entail.

Contact Information:
Negative Gain Productions
Post: 109 N. 3rd St., Apt. B, Geneva, IL, 60134, USA
Phone: (610) 595-9940
(1) His book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, is a classic in the hard science fiction genre and was reviewed in Legends #97.

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