CD Review

Brudevalsen – Demo

By Marcus Pan

Brudevalsen DemoI have no track list. I have no press sheet. I have nothing but a badly drawn optical illusion like picture, a listing of players on the back of the cover and an e-mail address and web address. The players are Christian Sindermann, Anders Trans, Soren Skouboe, Claudio Wolff and Sebastian Wolff. The e-mail address is a .dk, so I believe that's Denmark or maybe Germany, but with the amount of time these guys spent on this demo CD I'm certainly not going to spend more than that to write about it and research that .dk fact.

I don't know what each of those five do here. I don't know what track I'm listening to now other than "the third." I know that they all sound grungy, lop along and otherwise unimpress me with instrument and percussion slams punctuated by the occasional power chord and permeated by screaming in a language I can't differenciate. I'd like to be able to say: "Track three, called blah blah, is blah blah." But I can't.

This is obviously a black metal attempt, but they do infuse some interesting Seattle grunge (i.e. Alice In Chains) into it by slowing it down. But the sound is sub par and I don't know what I'm listening to songwise, so I can't really go into detail like I normally would. Please...when you submit to us or any other music magazine, have a track list. Have a press kit. Even if it's a little piece of paper with "Sebastian plays the skin flute" on it, that's fine. It's hard enough being a critic.

Now I'm going to be nice for a change. I'm gonig to actually visit the website listed on the back of a near blank white piece of heavy paper that pretends to be a CD jacket to see what the members do in the confines of Brudevalsen. [click] Here we go, the same list as on the back of the jacket. And no further information. Now I'm mad. A press release is ZIPped. Unfortunately...I'm at work right now and not about to open unsigned Zip files inside my network. Very well then...nothing further to say, let's finish this.

Overly unimpressive both musically and presentably, Brudevalsen has a long...long...long way to go before anyone will even remotely take them seriously. They can play their instruments decently – but there's certainly nothing overly interesting here. The music is not as tight as it could be, but it might be worth a bit more if a little bit of effort was put into the pressing and packaging of this CD itself. Even the website – though flashy and nice looking – has about as much quality information as your standard press photo and nothing more. So let this be a lesson kiddies...if Uncle Marcus doesn't have data about your band to talk about, then Uncle Marcus is going to spend the space where he'd normally write about who you are with fodder about how you suck instead.

Contact Information:
Post: Jyllandsgade 94 I.TV., 6700 ESBJERG, Denmark