CD Review

Bunker Soldier – “Quite a Dilemma”

By Marcus Pan

Quite a DilemmaWhen I first mentioned to Bunker Soldier's Tim Tyran when the band was at my place the night before the 150th issue celebration that he hadn't submitted a copy of Quite a Dilemma for review before his response was, "Have you listened to it?" The mixture of heavy dark techno with hip-hop is very interesting, but for the first time I was happy someone at least THOUGHT of the music format of Legends before submitting. I did nonetheless sneak a copy out of the party box for myself and will review it anyway – it's worth the time and the effort.

From the Beat Fixation opening, Quite a Dilemma is fast, swift, heavy and moving. The heavy guitars lace against hip-hop style vocals provided by co-conspirators this time around, La Royce and D.K. the Groover. Ethereal trip-hop styles are touched upon in tracks like Infected featuring Tanya Michelle. This remains similar into Get With It, which moves things along with a low down bass groove behind the divaesque vocals.

Skatown Outlaws touches upon one of my favorite niche genres, ska-core. The minimal horns are synthesized, but the rhythm is unmistakably reggae. Lyrics are anthem-like and hang-about style. The rugged dirty style of I Won't Hesitate is catchy and spat lyrically making it one of my favorites on the CD. Act of Desperation once again comes back to a more trip-hop style with ethereal qualities, but keeping the drum 'n bass downbeat. Quite a Dilemma is another favorite with slamming lyrics, shout-style hip-hop and military samples to give you a revved up attitude about almost anything.

Hip-hop is not something Legends covers, but when it's mingled with such finesse and talent with techno and electro like Bunker Soldier did it there's no excuse for ignoring it. Quite a Dilemma is a great piece of work and takes the mashing creedence to an entirely new level of interest and arrangement. Well done...Tyran's talents extends beyond the usual industrial/electro master's genre.

Contact Information:
Bunker Soldier
Post: 1005 Stoneway Dr., Denton, TX, 76210, USA
Phone: (940) 271-1498