CD Review

Einzeleinheit 003 – “Ich Habe Nur Noch…”

By Marcus Pan

Ich Habe Nur Noch...Baby noises. That's what we have here. I'm not even sure what this CD is called. Or who's the player. Aalfang? Einzeleinheit? While that is annoying enough...the "music" here, which is described as a "sleepwalking Krautrock fever dream," is similar to what I hear at night when my 1 year old son is having a restless evening. Oh and my bass cabinet is humming feedback through the room under the noises of googoo gagas.

This sort of shit has got to stop. Seriously. Seven tracks – most names being so long I can write this entire review column just be naming them – of humming, nuisance driving ambient experiments. Failed experiments. By track two the bass cabinet is still humming and I'm wondering if somebody will come along, plug in and play some real music. Instead I get this dreamy acoustic strumming that has no place to go and isn't even sure where it came from.

Effervescent mush comes through the speaker lines as all the world's cell phones hone in on the frequency...or maybe that's a SETI attempt that finally discovered something out there. It should stay out there. Every now and then somebody comes along and strums an accoustic guitar...or a sitar. Whoever it is usually does it for way too long and again the song is trying to find a destination. And occasionally someone falls down on the keyboard and makes a droning chord. At the end of this track people start whining and screaming a bit...undoubatly in pain from their ears.

Track 3, this one called Kuhe im Nebel, must be a documentary style behind-the-scenes of this nameless band. They forget to turn off the tape and blunder around the studio with the guitar in a vain attempt to get their amplifier to work and their guitar to play in tune. Track 4 is mostly silence – there's a drone if you turn the volume way up though. But if you listen at a normal volume it's silence for quite a while – and the best track on the album!

More baby noises...scratchy microphones...a silly Arabian attempt...badly strummed guitars. All this and more as Ich Habe Nur Noch 12 Seepferdchen in Meinem Tempel (I think that's the name of this release...don't quote me) drones to a close. Day old vomit on the sidewalk of Miami on a dank summer day...smells nicer than this.

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