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Falling You – “Touch”

By Marcus Pan

TouchThe Fossil Dungeon are well known for the artistic quality of their releases and the label’s new offering in April this month is no exception to this constant rule. Falling You’s Touch is brilliantly crafted in a digipak featuring photography by Elisa Lazo de Valdez. Musically speaking it is the work of composer John Michael Zorko.

Female diva-esque vocals are provided by quite a few ladies, including Unwoman's(1) Erica Mulkey, Krista Tortora, Sara Ayers and Claire Voyant's Victoria Lloyd. Also here are one of my favorites; Dru Allen of This Ascension(2). The last CD by Falling You was back in 1998, entitled Mercy, and though I haven't seen or heard it I can't imagine that its presentation comes close to what Fossil Dungeon can do.

We open with Something About Eve which includes vocals by Dru Allen. Smooth and ambient, with a touch of classical arrangement twisted with modern electronics. Something About Eve floats better than a cloud as it opens Touch with dignity and beauty. Touch as a whole tends towards soothing soundscapes and effervescent cloudlike wraps. This can sometimes be so minimal you'll forget it’s there as it lays in the background as nicely as a scented candle.

A great job by Aimee Page on The Art of Possession. Here she'll occasionally pull the track from the background with angellic vocals with punch and volume. Less Likely to Believe is one of the few times on Touch where you'll hear a beat track. Dru's vibratto here is brilliant.

Falling You’s Touch is certainly laced with feeling; uplifting while at the same time riveted with melancholy. A wonderful background to any clear, dark night sky. The Fossil Dungeon's packaging is worth having in its own right with a nice foldout, digipak holder and brilliant photographical artwork.

Contact Information:
The Fossil Dungeon
Post: 43796 Tattinger Ter, Ashburn, VA 20148-3125, USA
(1) Interviewed in Legends #136.
(2) Interviewed in Legends #100.

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