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GASR – “Survival of the Fittest”

By Marcus Pan

Survival of the FittestVery dark and brooding, GASR's Survival of the Fittest out on Nilaihah records is a decent EBM/industrial release, but will get lost in the dirty waters of over-creation in this genre. With the help of Nilaihah it is quite possible that the duo, from Boston and NYC both, may find themselves hanging on a bit longer than most of the come-and-goers in this style.

Certainly not bad by any means, GASR certainly have a flair for programming and music itself. Opening with the darkening spirit of Survivor, Survival of the Fittest takes us on an introspective journey into a sci-fi futuristic Earth. Survivor plods along, getting a bit boring by track's end. There's just not enough meat here to keep things going, even with GASR's panache at programming and sequencing. It doesn't hold my interest for the duration.

Creed's also a decent track, but loses itself among all the other "decent tracks" of the EBM genre. There isn't much here on Survival of the Fittest to differentiate GASR from the others plying these seas. I really dig the bright keyboards of Zero combined with the raspy percussion beats and vocals. Zero is a highlight track here on Survival of the Fittest. More decent keyboard work appears on Remember as well, this track being the second fastest on the album clocking in at 136BPMs.

The following Conspiracy is extremely similar in make-up and by this point, halfway through Survival of the Fittest, the tracks are starting to become annoyingly similar. Private slows it down after the speedier previous few and brings us to a tic-tapping interesting rhythm with smooth electronic surroundings. It still, unfortunately, doesn't engage and hold my mind for its run like others I've heard in this style.

Certainly GASR's Survival of the Fittest is worth picking up for the true EBM/industrial believers out there. But for those of us that are looking for evolution of sorts from the over-ripe genre...might do better elsewhere. There's certainly dance floor fodder here, and there's definitely play list worthy tracks. But the at-home music aficionado won't find all that much meat to sustain their appetites.

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