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Horna - “Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne”

By Marcus Pan

Envaatnags Eflos Solf EsgantaavneHorna's Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne CD will be the third black metal disc I write about today and I'd be lying if I said I'm cool with that. I can appreciate the technical workings of black metal in most instances, but I won't count myself as a fan. I can't understand what anyone's saying.

Horna's been at it for 13 years now, starting in 1993 with their first official release in 1997 (Hiidentorni). The schtick of the band is one of dark socerer cult types, with back stories and a mythical creationism designed for band members very similar to the stateside Gwar or goth rockers Call Me Alice(1). Song names (and possibly lyrics, though I can't understand them being the guttural screams expected of this genre) are Finnish and so I can't comment much on lyrical content. I'll have to keep my comments directed toward the music of Horna due to this fact.

The opening Vihan Tie track is fast and furious, but not as well mixed as the other two of this musical genre that I've reviewed today. In fact it opens sounding like it was skipping when in fact it's just the mastering of the disc. The latter bridge of Vihan Tie is more evenly mastered and comes out much better than the double-bass drum that mimics a scratched CD at it's earlier moments. Rusta Temppeli is about as much of a ballad as you will find in a black metal camp and does a good job of putting forth a sinister vibe.

As you move to Vala Pedolle on track 3, you realize that Horna aren't as speedy as other bands in this segment, instead concentrating on whatever it is the singer is saying – of which I haven't the foggiest idea of. I build this theory from the fact that the vocalist will come in along with movements in the music (unlike most black metal bands) and are queued and keyed towards the music as well. That leads me to believe that he's saying something really cool – of which I'll never know.

Unfortunately, without lyrics to discuss it's very difficult to review this CD being I only have a cursory association with this genre of metal. I can appreciate it's technical merit and the talent it takes to play at the speed shown, and I can also state the Horna certainly do work well together and keep it tight. But I can't say much beyond that as I can't understand, nor have anything to read from, that gives me an idea of where they are heading on Envaatnags (not that a Finnish lyric sheet would help me here) other than the mystical schtick they've created for themselves.

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(1) CMA were interviewed in Legends #102.

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