CD Review

Infinity Interrupt – “Hybrid Still Life”

By Marcus Pan

Hybrid Still LifeSome guy breathes into the microphone while someone has sex with a ceiling fan in the background...that's how this release by ambient weirdos Infinity Interrupt starts. After Quick Draw Charlie finishes quickly with the fan, it speeds up with Gravity Well on track two, getting down low and drum 'n bass laden. To increase the weirdness that is Infinity Interrupt, the press kit states that Hybrid Still Life is the group's second release...but first to be pressed. The only thing I can think of is that the previous release was a burned CD...maybe?

Metallic crickets hang out while a backhoe digs a hole in the moon on Still Life. It grows with a synthetic bloom lacing the track with melody. It's quite interesting. Farts and screams join us next as Once Again opens. It gets predominantly weird as it slides into a spacescape surrounding ambience. It hovers in the background for a while after, smoothe and quiet. The percussion on Hybrid speeds up the pace but remains low key. By track seven, Retinal Fetish, distant garbled voices come in to say things, but we're not quite sure what.

The Star Wars laser battle of Silence is an interesting addition after the blase of the previous few. And S.E.P. is really quite good. It keeps with the Star Wars style but tackles older climactic classical, reminding me of a weird futuristic version of the Excalibur theme. The closing track of Crawl weirds us down to the end of Hybrid Still Life.

Even with interesting tidbits like S.E.P. and Silence, most of Infinity Interrupt is more boring than interesting, though it was off to a good start with Gravity Well. After that it pretty much went downhill and while the soundscapes are somewhat well arranged, it's just a bit on the other side of banal. It's standard ambient arrangement without much differentiation from other ambient works that I've received. If you like background ambience of a weirder type, Infinity Interrupt may feel at home in your CD player, but I'll pass it along myself.

Contact Information:
Infinity Interrupt
Post: 215 Des Plaines, Forest Park, IL, 60130
Phone: (773) 551-6615