CD Review

Poetry Band – “Exit”

By Marcus Pan

ExitAuthor and poet Wilson Sherman woke up one day and decided his poetic content should have a bunch of other people involved with it. So he goes off and forms Poetry Band. What follows is a CD, called Exit that consists of a single, long, never ending track.

I have lots of trouble recommending this to anybody. What starts out in jam band panache as a possible interesting jazz-fusion attempt loses itself quickly and just continues on and on, getting more uninteresting by the moment. Wilson punctuates atop the music with poetic rhyming phrases, attempting to boil down politics, car safety and spirituality into as few Captain Kirk-esque spoken words as possible. Sometimes he remains monotonous, other times he warbles and still others he decides to scream a bit. The lyrical content as a whole is somewhat banal, predictable and not overly satisfying.

Now normally Legends' reviews are long and detailed, but there is one track here. And I just described this single track in the last paragraph. The only other thing to mention that comes to mind is the fact that this never think it's going to end because Wilson yells something banal but loud and tries to be climactic, after which one would assume will finally end this tirade, but it just keeps going. It's an Energizer nightmare.

Avant-garde? Yes. Artistic? Maybe. But worthwhile? Not so sure about that - there's this guy in Europe that dropped a cow out of an airplane once and splattered it on the ground calling it "art." Wilson Sherman and Poetry Band might be a slight more "artistic" than that guy.

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