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Sunshine – “Moonshower and Razorblades”

By Marcus Pan

Moonshower and RazorbladesSunshine, begun by Kay (guitars/vocals), Daniel (drums) and Martin (bass), are a trash rock outfit out of the Czech Republic. I enjoy trash rock when it's done right – and goth knows it can be done very wrong. The first discovery of trash rock that I can remember goes back to Letters to Cleo and I really dug it then. Sunshine continues the trend with their sarcastic name and tongue in cheek lyrics.

For Moonshower and Razorblades, which was recorded in the USA's LA, the band has gone through some lineup changes to now include the original Kay and Daniel, but adding Amak (bass) and Jiri (guitar). The added guitar brings more into Sunshine's sound and, unlike most trash rock bands, their sound is a bit more melodic and planned. Very DIY and simple looking, the music itself contains a rather nice polished but still cutting feel.

Kay's vocals take on a whiny tack, a Robert Smith's younger brother appeal, which I enjoy. Lower Than Low for example finds his vocals set up front with a sustained twang to its closing remarks. The music has a layed out quality – that is to say that it doesn't have as much of a jam band feel to it like Letters to Cleo, Ahab Rex(1) or Alice Donut(2). It's not so practiced as, say, The Cure, but it has similar qualities to it while retaining a low key garage appeal.

Vampire's Dance Hall is very gritty and fast paced with a very in your face attitude and Kay's occasional yowls to puncture the right moments. More punk than the others. Victoria's Secret Blackmail opens very Cure-like and clean with swirly guitars and a smooth rhythm. I dig the funky background of Let's Have Hips Talk. Likewise the bass in Miss Kkarma Kkoma.

I like this CD. It has the right amount of polish, grit, trash and punk in the correct doses and amounts...a good dirty martini. Kay has a great voice for this sort of thing - don't expect him to be crooning in Las Vegas, but he does just fine in his trashy style. It works for him and it works for the others...they may not have the sexy legs of Letters to Cleo, but I'd still go see 'em. Sunshine is like punk rock after a sitz bath.

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(1) Rollin With the Ahab Rex Quintet was reviewed in Legends #150.
(2) Their Three Sisters CD was reviewed in Legends #143.

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