The Young Werewolves

Summertime here, and the surfers come out to play. On occasion those surfers are just as at home in the summer months as they are around Halloween time when the monsters come out to play. Sometimes…they’re one of the same. The Young Werewolves are just that…formed in 2002 they’ve just recently released their self-titled debut from Philly, PA. Sometime before sundown when they were all still under a rooftop I managed to get them to sit down at a keyboard long enough to get these answers…

1) Let's start with the obvious...who are The Young Werewolves, what are their names and where do they come from?

The Young Werewolves are Jonny Wolf on drums, Shewolf Dana K. on bass and Wolfman Nick Falcon on guitar. We trade off on lead vocals and support each other with backup vocals. We are based out of Philadelphia, PA, USA.

2) How did The Young Werewolves form and when?

We formed in 2002 after Nick posted fliers in local music stores and on the internet looking for musicians interested in forming a band with a sound like The Ramones-meets-Buddy Holly at a Beef-and-Beer. All greasers please apply.

3) What do The Young Werewolves do when it's daytime?

We’re fine during the day, it’s the full moon you have to watch out for.

4) The gothabilly/horror motif the band has adopted and seems to adhere did this come about?

We’ve been into bad horror movies for as long as we can remember and the comic books didn’t help either.

5) This style is a pretty strenuous and singular genre. Do you think this causes you problems for bookings, fans, etc...having such a pigeonholed genre that you work in? For example...Halloween must be a heavy-gigging time for you while, say, the summer might not be considering the subject matter you play to.

Surf’s up! There’s werewolves in Hawaii and Indonesia so summer is not a problem. Everyday is Halloween for us and zombies seem to do well in theaters throughout the year. The three of us come from very different backgrounds, we have so many influences, from Stray Cats, Sisters of Mercy to Miles Davis. A live Young Werewolves' set includes Rock and Roll, Blues, Swing, Surf, Goth, Rockabilly, Punk, Pop and even Metal. We have a nightmare to suit just about everyone's taste.

6) Is there a ritual to writing your material? An eight hour Carpenter/Romero/Evil Dead festival prior to going into the studio and writing, for example?

The Young WerewolvesWe 'Frankenstein' our songs together from the many graveyards and laboratories of music. Full moons always help too. We draw on our influences, throw them in the ring and let the styles fight it out, the songs come out the winner.

7) Any plans for a tour outside of Pennsylvania?

We've been playing the Mid-Atlantic region for two years. We're always looking to broaden our hunting that an offer?

8) How about branching out onto a straight punk, sXe or similar path and going beyond the zombie/horror thing?

Isn't Rock and Roll the devil's music? Monsters will always hold a special place in our hearts but we've started branching into more universal themes (sex, drugs, and rock and roll). Our music is a moving target and we are always looking to grow and do a little shapeshifting.

9) Cocaine and exactly did these two ideas come together in the form of track 8 on your debut, Curse of the Cocaine Mummies?

Funny you should ask, it was one of the first songs we wrote. It all stemmed from a program that aired on the Discovery channel about mummies from South America that were wrapped in cocoa leaves, hence the Cocaine Mummies.

10) When choosing a cover, how did the choice of Billy Idol come up?

It was an artist that we all agreed with. Our tastes are so different, when we find a song that we all like, we throw it around and see if we can get it to stick. We took it in and there it was, it just worked. Besides you can't be mad at Billy Idol.

11) If I opened up your CD players right now...what would I see?

White Zombie / La Sexorcisto: The Devil Music Vol.1
The Rolling Stones / More Hot Rocks
Social Distortion
Sisters of Mercy / First and Last and Always
The Beatles / Meet the Beatles
Elvis / Sun Sessions
Misfits / Legacy of Brutality
Charlie Parker / Charlie Parker with Strings
Gang of Four / Entertainment