CD Review

V/A – “Countdown to the Apocalypse”

By Marcus Pan

Countdown to the Apocalypse"In anticipation, and celebration, of the imminent end..." That's the start of the press kit for CCC-10, the first in a 10 CD series called Countdown to the Apocalypse from Crawling Chaos. I, also, anticipate the end...of this series of CDs containing nothing more than time wasting noises that any one of us can hear at any machine shop or planeterium in the world – and usually with a better rhythm and cooler things to look at.

None of the tracks on Countdown to the Apocalypse are named – only the six offering bands are (Zoool, Drunken Mohels, Mnemonic Arachnoid, La-Ra-La, Oblivore, Jennifer Wasteland). The cover of the album looks something like I will by the time this second spinng of the CD is done. And the CD itself is hand painted black with little arrows that looks like Stephen Hawkings whiting out his latest botched theory. Overall, the packaging of the series is poop, though it does have a hand numbered section (mine is 51 of 66) to give it that little oomph of collectibility.

The "freak out collective" of Zoool opens the CD with what the presskit refers to as "gracious" with its "electronic scree" and "off drumming." Myself I find it to be just a bunch of machine shop noise with some d00d banging on a metal drum. And is that a train in La-Ra-La's contribution on track 4? Why do I want to listen to a train? How is a train music? I've been on a lot of trains, but I've never bopped a diddy on the way to work on one.

Let's take it back a bit – in a review of the V/A release of Anomalous Silencer No. 6(1) I requested that people stop wasting my time with this shit. It seems nobody's listening, so I will say it nicely this time: Legends Magazine is a music magazine. There. I won't be needing the other nine in the set, guys.

I'm as unimpressed as I could possibly be with Countdown to the Apocalypse. More noise, delusionary "screes" (that's a really good word they have there), hand painting and numbering masquerading as a collector's item CD. But only things that are worth having are collector's items – and this is simply not worth having. It's unenjoyable, unlistenable, unreadable (on the CD jacket itself they spell it as "Countdown to the Apocolips," either a kiddy ha-ha, or they've run out of space and/or brain matter to spell). Pass on this one – you can stand on a street corner in the Ironbound section of Newark or Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan and hear pretty much the same thing for free.

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Post: 2416 Adams Ave., Columbus, OH, 43202, USA
(1) Reviewed in Legends #148